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Before I begin, I would like to thank Mr. Alexey Kashirsky and his team, his advisors, and the people who participated in the realization of this project.
ICOs, we are all aware of them at this point. An Initial Coins Offering (ICO) is a “fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying cryptographic tokens.
An excellent example of such a world of cryptocurrency technologies. The technology used by many digital currencies is Blockchain.
Blockchain is implemented in 2009, and was revolutionized with Blockchain 2.0 in 2014. Blockchain technology consists of interrelated, where each is interconnected via cryptography, thus network. “- wikipedia.
What is Sp8de?
Sp8de is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed gaming applications. As a platform for gaming apps with self-esteem, we are equipped with a protocol to generate unbiased randomness. As a team with some aspirations, we can prove it fairly and truly decentralized. We feel it is important to realize the spirit of the business we live in: if blockchain is the source of universal and undeniable truth then it must also be a broadcast channel for randomness. We think that one point of failure must be felt by anyone just as a funny relic of the past.
And once I understand, I conclude
Sp8de is a set of block-based platform rules with several important features designed for the Blockchain game industry, the current blockchain industry that is currently deploying blockchain applications still missing. so that’s where Sp8de comes in as a new method or way in the gaming industry.
The purpose of Sp8de is
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It is very clear that I just want to add a bit of Sp8de Goal is to make your gaming experience very cool and very surprising, of course, with Blockchain.
Where to start
It all starts with the white paper of the project. To understand what a good white paper looks like, I recommend you read Bitcoin or Ethereum. If a project does not have a white paper, it’s a big red flag. As I read the white paper for each project, I focus on the following.
Well, a little more we already know the meaning and purpose of Sp8de, before discussing the roadmap, I invite you to meet the team and advisors Sp8de.
I tend to look for teams with blockchain experience or an open source community building or a large scale platform.
The image above is a Sp8de team and advisors if you want to know more details about their readers can visit the Sp8de official website and click on their linkedin link to get to know the Sp8de team and advisors better.
The leader sets a compelling vision and recruits a strong community to help execute that vision.
We’ll touch another randomness topic in the technical section below.

In addition to providing an elegant solution to the existential problem of an on-chain casino protocol, Cardano is the perfect company to solve some less important issues:

3.Explained flexible and financial scripting scripts: Cardano is designed by code experts and organized to follow best practices; its scripting language is tailored for financial applications: security and execution can be “very well understood”. Any language suitable for finance is a natural candidate for casino development: basic logic (at least from a programming point of view) of both domains is similar.

We just praised Cardano: it’s scalable, safe, complex and elegant. The main takeaway, however, is designing a successful POS protocol requiring the same problem solving that limits the creation of a profitable chain casino. With Cardano as the backbone, Spade is set to be the best of its kind, this fit is only meant to be.

  • Token distribution begins on Friday, December 08, 2017 and ends on Monday, February 12, 2018 and is scheduled.
  • Pre-sale lasts for 14 days while each sales phase will be seven days followed by Jackpot which is distributed entirely within one day after each sale. As long as additional token Jackpots are given to each Sales participant (including Pre-Sale) – token distribution is based on randomly generated different weight factors (see full white paper for details). In short, previously purchasing tokens, more tokens will be allocated to them – for example, if you buy during Pre-Sale you will receive more evidence during Jackpots I, II, III, and IV; Meanwhile, if you buy during Sales III then you will receive a token only from Jackpots III and IV. Also, you previously purchased more “weights” (or an opportunity to take the larger part of Jackpot) that your token will have during the Jackpot phase.
The distribution of tokens as shown in the graph above. The Price Curve shows that we give a discount of 112% (58888 SPX for 1 ETH) for tokens purchased during Pre-Sale, 37% for those purchased at Sale I, 22% for Sale II and 14% for which during Sales I AM I.
In total we will distribute 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens where 20% (1,777,777,777,6 SPX) will remain with the team while others will be sold. In the chart above, we demonstrate how we plan to use the proceeds from the SPX token; Those who live with the team can be used for further development or urgent business requirements (eg consultation or surgery). There is no limit to how many tokens a person can buy and if some tokens are not purchased during the Sales phase will be distributed according to the following schedule:
For more information on the Sp8de project, you can visit below:

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