Sp8de is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed gaming applications


Sp8de harnesses the power of blockchain technology called Cardano. Spade provides an environment for the design of gambling applications which are characterized with; Close-to-absent transaction fees and Proof-of-Stake powered scalability that is beyond the reach of any other on-chain casino protocol currently in existence; A mechanism to generate decentralized provenly uniform randomness at arbitrary time-spans; Provides rich Smart Contract functionality that allows for creativity in game design that is bounded solely by the fantasy of the developer

Sp8de utilizes Cardano to design its ecosystem and thereby solves the problems normally associated with the on-chain casinos described above. Here is how:

  1. Transaction fees and scalability: the size of transaction fees is normally a function of the degree to which a given distributed system scales. Scalability can be defined as the relation between system resources and the number of nodes. Scalable systems gain in efficiency as new nodes join the network: BitTorrent and IOTA protocols are two prominent examples.
  2. Random number generation: Cardano makes use of the POS protocol for generating unbiased entropy. The beauty of the idea is that the blockchain itself serves as a broadcast channel: the uniform randomness is generated on-chain. POS systems are heavily dependent on the ability to generate good-quality randomness without it, the integrity of the protocol can be interrupted.
  3. Flexible and finance application-tailored scripting language


In the European Union, the online gambling industry grew by almost 19% from the first half of 2015 to the first half of 2016. The casino industry in particular generated revenues of US $ 2 billion during this period. It is expected that by 2020 this amount will reach US $ 2.25 billion per year representing about 12.5% ​​of growth revenue. In the US for the period 2015 through 2016, online casino revenues increased by 24.4% and are expected to reach US $ 4 billion by 2020. The EU and the US are only a fraction of the casino industry worldwide.

Globally, online casino projections show that for the period 2017-2025 the market will experience spectacular growth of around 130% reaching a phenomenal US $ 97 billion with a cumulative annual growth rate of almost 11%. Currently more than 6 million adults formally participate in worldwide gambling activities with projected up to 10 million by 2020. We further believe that as the advancement of blockchain technology, and spread for the first time in an unbiased history of demonstrable friendliness, these numbers will be a small estimate of proven reality. By removing the various frictions of the gaming market, Spade is set to release the hidden monetary advantage in it. We will not take a cut from it. We are determined to create a friction market for gaming ideas: previously left to casinos and other intermediaries, now going to the community.


Sp8de token (SPX) will be released during the contribution period. Sp8de will sells ERC-20 compatible Ethereum-based SPX token. The aim of the token sale is to provide a discounted participation for the early adopters of the decentralized platform. To provide a functional lending market to such extent, early adopters are required. By purchasing SPX, the early adopters receives a discounted price for using the decentralized lending platform. The ICO has been structured to give the best opportunities to anyone who would like to participate from the very beginning, providing maximum flexibility and control for the participants.

Sp8de token (SPX) will be used to purchase products and service on the Sp8de network. It will also be used to provide incentive for early adopters.


I first heard about Bitcoin in 2012 but i didn’t “get it.”

Terms like decentralized, distributed and disintermediatipiqued my interest, but I lacked the technical understanding to really understand what I was looking at.

I started reading up a bit more in 2015. However, only after a deep dive over the last 1 year do I feel like I’ve even begun to wrap my head around it.

A cryptocurrency is a form of payment which is similar to the currencies commonly used such as United States Dollar or the British Pound. However, unlike these currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. There is no central government to print more of them out to cause inflation. In fact, cryptocurrencies have been formulated to gradually decrease in production as time goes by. Bitcoin, for instance will never have over 21 million coins in dissemination.

We just praised Cardano: it’s scalable, safe, complex and elegant. The main takeaway, however, is designing a successful POS protocol requiring the same problem solving that limits the creation of a profitable chain casino. With Cardano as the backbone, Spade is set to be the best of its kind, this fit is only meant to be.

  • Token distribution begins on Friday, December 08, 2017 and ends on Monday, February 12, 2018 and is scheduled.
  • Pre-sale lasts for 14 days while each sales phase will be seven days followed by Jackpot which is distributed entirely within one day after each sale. As long as additional token Jackpots are given to each Sales participant (including Pre-Sale) – token distribution is based on randomly generated different weight factors (see full white paper for details). In short, previously purchasing tokens, more tokens will be allocated to them – for example, if you buy during Pre-Sale you will receive more evidence during Jackpots I, II, III, and IV; Meanwhile, if you buy during Sales III then you will receive a token only from Jackpots III and IV. Also, you previously purchased more “weights” (or an opportunity to take the larger part of Jackpot) that your token will have during the Jackpot phase.

The distribution of tokens as shown in the graph above. The Price Curve shows that we give a discount of 112% (58888 SPX for 1 ETH) for tokens purchased during Pre-Sale, 37% for those purchased at Sale I, 22% for Sale II and 14% for which during Sales I AM I.
In total we will distribute 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens where 20% (1,777,777,777,6 SPX) will remain with the team while others will be sold. In the chart above, we demonstrate how we plan to use the proceeds from the SPX token; Those who live with the team can be used for further development or urgent business requirements (eg consultation or surgery). There is no limit to how many tokens a person can buy and if some tokens are not purchased during the Sales phase will be distributed according to the following schedule:


ICO starts February 8 2018


45% for Development

20% for Operations

10% for Legal

15% for Marketing

10 for %Advisory

For more information on the Sp8de project, you can visit below:



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