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Good day loyal customers bitcoiner.com, the center of the ICO information is warmly discussed and able to provide huge investment potential benefits through the analysis of authors and the results of discussion of the author with some observers ico. We know and can we agree together that cryptocurrency has brought and provided significant changes to the global economic conditions. Billions of USD rotate daily in this cryptocurrency community. Surely it is a breath of fresh air for anyone with a unique and innovative business idea and concept to gain profit by being part of the cryptocurrency community.

This time there is a company that is trying its luck by being part of the cryptocurrency community. They are holding ICOs to get additional capital from cryptocurrency investors by offering various benefits through the sale of tokens they create. They are Sp8de. Who are they? what kind of project are they working on? What do they offer? Let us consider the explanation below.

Sp8de is a company that offers a decentralized gambling platform with a cryptocurrency blockchain system. We have known together that many ICOs offer gambling platform products. So what is interesting with this Sp8de ?. They say that at the beginning of the blockchain and bitcoin casinos appear not doing everything honestly and correctly, something is tucked away. What is that? Blockchain community has a wild character (free) and will continue to grow until now. The gambling company that adopted the blockchain technology first made a mistake and made a bad image for the gambling industry. It is captured very well by Sp8de including:

  1. Instead of promoting transparency and cost efficiency where it is a hallmark of blockchain, they are promoting cyber anonymity and brutality.
  2. Instead of making a casino for everyone, they even keep for themselves.

Both of these are captured and understood by Sp8de. Sp8de is not judging anyone and is not saying that the old way is bad but the new way is definitely better. Where decentralized ideals can materialize, the image of the gambling industry is improving again and all interested stakeholders in the gambling industry can play quietly without any worries.

SP8DE Wallet

We will design this Platform using intelligent contract language called Plutus, a general purpose developed by IOHK and implemented in Cardano. The essence of this system is that all types of financial transactions that occur on our platform, can be decomposed to be simpler. The system is built very safely and better than others. Our platform also uses Ouroboros as a numerical seizure system. Ouroboros is a blockchain protocol that makes blockchain work as a broadcast channel for randomness.By solving the POS protocol problem, Ouroboros also simultaneously offers a unique toolbox for developing and running decentralized casino applications in an efficient, secure and proven way better. Because SP8DE is a decentralized market for playing games without friction and there are no barriers to entry.

Token To gain access to the app universe only requires you to have our system’s original token, SPX. Betting in theSP8DEecosystem isonly done using SPX. By having SPX, you share a part in protocol success. SPX can be used to reward developers adequately at the protocol level.

Token and ICO

Total supply – 8,888,888,888 Tokens
Symbol: SPX
Price: 98.888 SPX = 1 ETH
Token Sales – 3,655,555,558.4 (41.125%)
Jackpots for those who have participated in the token sale round – 3,455,555,552 (38.875%)
Marketing – 1,777,777,778 (20%)
Soft cap – US $ 4,000,000 (four million)
Hard cap – 49.033 ETH.
ICO Information: Started at: 08-01-2018 | Ended on: 11-03-2018

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