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Game of Chance is a game of risk takers; The bottom line is that risks … and, of course, reward. All this said, however. Per se, they are merely abstract concepts and lack substance mathematically. They are merely artifacts of the ancient man-made game built around concepts that are at least as old as the universe itself. This concept is commonly referred to as Chaos or randomness: the lack of a pattern or a combination that can be understood.

This still sounds abstract. So, when applied to the game, the randomness is the core concept: this is a process that may not be manipulated by anyone and regularly delivers a collection of countless numbers that actually determine who wins and who loses. This is basically the figure number that is really refreshing. The process of generating these numbers is not possible:

  • A. manipulated by the evil party,
  • B. recognized with a significant probability considering input from information available        before scrolling, or
  • C. Observed by anyone before anyone else did … at least in theory,
  • D. Also, of course, it should be repeated.

The canonical example of a man-made mechanism which, if made reasonably, fairly meet important quality this is a roulette wheel that is routinely used in almost all casinos around the world. So, screening the roulette wheel through 4 our prerequisites for a random number generator mechanism that can be applied to the Casino:

  • A. these Wheels produce self-refreshing (means of generating new numbers recursively-from time to time) collection of numbers-the number and color of the winner’s bag during several periods,
  • B. Manipulate results scrolling wheel not possible assuming the wheels are nice,
  • C. many individuals tend to be mathematically on the history of the human race to develop and use a complex method that aims to ‘ guess ‘ (more like ‘ to predict the outcome of certain games with statistically significant and, more importantly, the probability of economically attractive ‘) results from a variety of casino games (excluding Roulette) are given a set of input: few if any ever successfully;
  • D. of course, this repetitive: each round the wheel by the airport is newly produced a series of iterations value is chosen randomly.

So, now let’s take a closer look at each of the points above: ‘ a. ‘ and ‘ d. ‘ satisfied with the definition-there is no formal proof required-indeed, the intention of the roulette wheel is to produce a set of random values and these values are refreshed on each round. ‘ C ‘ is justified more on empirical reason: so many have tried to solve the puzzle without the risk of betting, lured by a mirage of endless wealth associated with the casino as well as the complexity and broad application of interdisciplinary mathematics involved in modeling. various aspects of gambling. The most successful model of all ‘ magic ‘ is probably betting systems, such as, for example, the Martingale system. If someone bet carefully and has a risk management strategy that is well respected and obeyed regardless of the circumstances,

On average, of course, the House always wins and there is no kind of magic or elegant mathematical models that are strong enough for the test of time in the Hall of the Casino. Instead, there is just a smart money management system that represents the redesigned models mainly from the fields of risk management and financial accounting. The above things are quite fit when used to describe a roulette wheel, but are not limited to this game. The rest is ‘ b. ‘ the point looks quite okay and at first reading appears to be not too different from the other three. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two:

  • A. There is little sense in the sentence itself: without clarification length seems to claim that the use of the wheel just need well … have a nice wheel. But what is fair in the end?
  • B. This is the only Point that implies that someone needs to assume something.
  • Welcome to Spade, a blockchain-based platform capable of supplying unbiased public randomness for developing and running distributed casino applications. Spade is designed to suit the purposes of all the actors comprising the online casino landscape and as such represents the new breed of digital institutions, a distributed intermediary.

    The spark that lit this project and continues to inspire us now, is that early blockchain and Bitcoin casinos simply didn’t get it right. The Blockchain community was younger and wilder, ideals of distributed freedom were burning brighter… still, early adopters who applied blockchain technology to gambling promoted the wrong ideals; those undermining the image of decentralized casinos. Instead of promoting transparency and cost efficiency that characterize blockchain technology, they promoted anonymity and cyber anarchy. Instead of making the casino for everyone, they kept it to themselves. By no means are we here to judge. Instead, we are here to change. We do not say that old ways are bad, but can prove that new ones are better. We hold faith in the decentralized future and appreciate the charm of gambling.

    We soon realized that there is only a fragile wall of glass between the old centralized gambling and the future global distributed casino. This is it, a simple yet captivating idea. The future is here: we can run a zero-house edge decentralized casino with close-to-zero transaction fees and provably fair random numbers feeding entropy into a myriad of Smart-Contract-based open source casino applications that can be developed by anyone who has a worthy idea by means of state-of-the art application-specific as well general-purpose programming languages. “We can” was the silent voice of the idea. Now it is the marching echo of “we do”. As it frequently happens, technological progress made a massive leap forward that went unnoticed by the majority of human kind: people still prefer the traditional narrow-minded and boring online casinos that set draconian house edges and cannot be proven fair. Once again, no one has the right to judge: it is just an existential business need, produced by a dilapidated business model and an inch of greed.

    Worse than this, however, is that even the enlightened ones, those chosen to witness the dawn of the distributed world have noticed a perfect fit between distributed consensus protocols and gambling applications, have synthesized them and… nothing. Some of these projects got infamous due to money laundering accusations, some have spoiled the beauty of the idea by running centralized online casinos and simply allowing for cryptocurrency deposits, others got their moments of fame during TGAs, today, however, few can recall even the names of these projects. Of course, there are some notable exceptions to this rule, but while succeeding locally all these projects have failed to create awareness. None of them has broadcasted the essential message: “There is no glass wall; the future of gambling is now; we are better in every single quantifiable aspect; if quantifiable is not enough, we also have the powerful idea of the distributed future, while those who are stuck in the past have only a couple of servers and an unaudited poker protocol”.

    We will do what no one has done before. Spade is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed gambling applications. As a platform for gambling applications with self-respect, we are equipped with the protocol for generating fresh unbiased public randomness. As a team with some aspirations we have it provably fair and completely decentralized. We feel that it is important to be true to the spirit of the venture we embark upon: if blockchain is the universal and undisputed source of truth then it should also be the broadcast channel for randomness. We think that single points of failure should be perceived by anyone as just a relic of the past. This feature, while setting us aside most starkly, is only a part of what we have to offer in terms of technological stack. In what follows we will dive deeper into the revolution we all are a part of and will explain in detail the best iGaming protocol the world has ever seen.

  • WEBSITE : https://sp8de.com/
  • My BitcoinTalk Profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1512429



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