Sp8de, the new-generation blockchain-based gaming platform

What is SP8DE?
Sp8de is a protocol for decentralized blockchain based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain.
Game of Chance is a risk-taking game; The point is the risks … and, of course, the rewards. It’s all said, however. Per se, they are just abstract concepts and lack of mathematical substance. They are just artifacts of ancient man-made games built around a concept that is at least as old as the universe itself. This concept is commonly referred to as Chaos or randomness: the lack of a pattern or a combination that can be understood.
It still sounds abstract. So when applied to the game, randomness is a core concept: it is a process that may not be manipulated by anyone and regularly delivers an unnumbered set of numbers that determines who wins and who loses. This is basically a really refreshing number. The process of generating these numbers is not possible:
a. Manipulated by any evil party,
b. Recognized with significant probability of input from information available prior to scrolling, or
c. Observed by anyone before anyone else … at least in theory,
d. Also, of course, it has to be repeated.


Sp8de token (SPX) will be released during the contribution period. Sp8de will sells ERC-20 compatible Ethereum-based SPX token. The aim of the token sale is to provide a discounted participation for the early adopters of the decentralized platform. To provide a functional lending market to such extent, early adopters are required. By purchasing SPX, the early adopters receives a discounted price for using the decentralized lending platform. The ICO has been structured to give the best opportunities to anyone who would like to participate from the very beginning, providing maximum flexibility and control for the participants.

Sp8de token (SPX) will be used to purchase products and service on the Sp8de network. It will also be used to provide incentive for early adopters.


ICO starts February 8 2018


45% for Development

20% for Operations

10% for Legal

15% for Marketing

10 for %Advisory

What are you waiting for?


Website: https://sp8de.com/

Whitepaper: https://sp8de.com/sp8de_white_paper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SP8DE_Official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sp8deofficial/

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