In business, actually understanding United Nations agency your customers’ are and what they have makes it such a lot easier to specify why your merchandise or services are the most effective fit them. This concept is especially true in digital advertising. If you don’t have your targeting laser-focused, you’re attending to bleed cash by advertising to folks that simply don’t care.

It won’t matter however humourous your ad copy is, however beautiful your video is, how awesome your images are, or how perfect your landing page is. You need to urge it right and by therefore doing you would like the proper slot in today’s competitive surroundings. When you are conscious of what time your audience is presumably to browse tweets and Facebook posts, you’d style your social media selling around that.

If you knew their issues and problems, you’d provide them solutions. This would make you an authority. Late last year I made a decision to shop for wear online, I surfed world wide web and checked on completely different best-known websites for an honest alternative of wear. The aftermath was that after I opened my social pages I started seeing completely different Ads of wear from different sites that I even have not detected of displaying what I liked, exact clothing types that I was looking at when I browsed different clothing websites online.

Cryptocurrency markets are growing day by day. In early 2018, crypto markets pushed towards a 1 trillion United States of America greenbacks capitalization. New coins and tokens are intercalary to the market a day and existing coins and tokens are listed with giant volumes at each second.

In this state of affairs, most exchanges which have poor and limited trading facilities will not be able to handle a large volume of trading and big varieties of new tokens and coins released in the future. Changing client necessities is inevitable associated new and existing traders can obtain an exchange with new options and facilities.

Sparkpoint Ecosystem

Sparkpoint system may be a redistributed payment entree with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based mostly e-learning, gaming, and on-line store. With four main functions, people can now settle bills, send and receive money, enroll in various e-courses and e-programs, shop, and entertain themselves in one platform. Not to mention, to earn and be rewarded. SparkPoint is associate innovative payment entree which will function a wonderful different to the classic monetary systems and can permit mistreatment each digital and decree currencies at intervals a single application.

SparkPoint is geared toward rising the general level of economic accomplishment of every individual user, in spite of what he position, nationality, gender and age. Thus, with the assistance of tools accessible within the system, SparkPoint can provide its users improved conditions of interaction in the slightest degree stages of work: from payment of coaching to insurance premiums, payment of taxes and other online purchases.

Features of the platform

Spark Place: This feature implies a place in which users can interact with each other by means of various goods and services. The individual feature of this application relative to alternative similar ones is that here you’ll be able to simply and quickly get any product as for any cryptocurrency and exchange it for an internal SPARKPOINT token, and for Fiat. At a similar time, the more often you buy any goods by means of Spark Place, the more rewards you get.

SparkX: redistributed payment entree to pay bills, transfer remittances and cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrency exchange integration. Since SparkX is also cryptocurrency exchange integrated, users can process a direct online transfer of both fiat and digital currencies based on peer-to-peer transactions in the network instantly.

Spark Room: With the help of this feature, users will open access to various articles and scientific works, allowing to increase the overall financial literacy of each individual. What will have a useful result on the more unfold of cryptocurrencies round the world.

Spark Play: The same feature allows you to receive various kinds of awards for the stages passed in a decentralized game. Where every award is associate accruement in tokens, which as a result can be exchanged for any other cryptocurrency, product or Fiat, thereby obtaining the maximum benefit and real value from this.

The mission of the project

Provide an alternative payment gateway with low-cost fees
Provide almost real-time transactions.
Promote financial literacy and blockchain technology awareness.
Provide a safe and secure marketplace.
Continuously engage in financial technology innovation
Protect user’s financial and private information.
Create innovative blockchain-based games.
Provide superior customer service.

Unique Team Member

The Sparkpoint Ecosystem team comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. They have ambitious goals which will enable them to set new standards for the Market. To achieve this goal a powerful Team is made with all the mandatory skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Sparkpoint Ecosystem have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all sensible as a result of a lot of transparency an organization have in relevance their team, a lot of trustworthy they usually are.


oken Details

Symbol – SPRK
Decimal – 18
Blockchain Information – ERC-20 TOKEN
Total Supply – 20 000 000 000
Smart Contract Address – 0x8041cf5c01ac5b3d4557410df2bf1ae05447

SparkPoint Token (SPRK) is the SparkPoint digital coin based on ERC-20 token standard following the Ethereum Blockchain. SPRK is designed to power the four different platforms in the SparkPoint Ecosystem, viz., SparkX, SparkPlace, SparkPlay & SparkRoom being the digital wallet, e-commerce platform, gaming and application store & e-learning portal respectively.


SparkPoint Ecosystem aims to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptoccurency exchanges.

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