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The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. Numerous supporters, investors from different field of professions and businesses around the world have embraced new technological innovation which has helped reshape the world. Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is SPARKSTER which aims to provide an ecosystem where people with no software development expertise can convert their business ideas into software, and the software can be implemented on a decentralized cloud.

Sparkster Platform

sparkster is the world’s fastest decentralized CLOUD for smart software; it is a blockchain intended to replace cloud computing; it’s mission to break down the two important barriers constituting a major hurdles for the adoption of mass blockchain that areaccissibility and scalability

This platform should make it possible for users to develop software by sequentially dragging and dropping already-provided blocks whose functions are described in English. This will make the developmental process faster and less expensive. Additionally, Sparkster-generated smart software will be compatible with IoT and smart contracts, making it possible for users to set up smart contracts.

To make things even better, the smart contracts on Sparkster’s platform will have some new and exclusive features (e.g. HTML responsive interfaces). The platform will also come with a marketplace that allows users purchase software from other users and evolve them as they wish.

Sparkster Decentralized Cloud

The project plans to break into the $200 billion cloud computing industry by providing a Decentralized Cloud that doesn’t run on servers but on devices (e.g. smartphones and PCs). Users on the platform may offer use of their devices as nodes and in return, they are rewarded in SPARK.

The idea behind the Sparkster cloud is to isolate blockchain segments into “cells” that have individual hash tables that are independent of each other, making parallel transactions possible. Sparkster believes that this idea will bring about a technology that facilitates 10 million transactions per second, solving the scalability problems that some blockchains contend with. By implementing features like “zk-SNARKs”, originally commissioned by Zcash to allow zero-knowledge proofs, Sparkster claims that the isolation won’t compromise the privacy and security of their blockchain.

Since users may not have to pay for hardware, power, cooling, backup etc. Sparkster should be more cost-effective than traditional cloud service providers. The project also claims that the operation costs of their cloud may reduce when more nodes are added to the network. This provides another advantage over traditional systems where costs are constant.

Furthermore, Sparkster should be able to interact with IOTA and Ethereum, and support currencies like Stellar, Cardano and NEO in the future.

Sparkster’s utility token, SPARK, will initially be ERC20-based. However, at the mainnet launch, it will be swapped into Stellar tokens. As mentioned above, SPARK will be used to reward participants for allowing their devices to be used as nodes, it will also be used for trading on the marketplace and for proof of stake.

Existing Product
A test version of the Sparkster platform is available. The team also provided some videos that demonstrate the capability of the Sparkster Cloud.


Anyone can build a smart Software without prior experience.

It’s very fast and reliable.

It is affordable

Made up of industry Veterans team with vast experience in blockchain technology and engineering.

Project has a lot of use cases.


There will be a total of 435 million SPARK tokens and the project aims to raise $30 million for 67% of the token total. 250 million tokens were sold during the presale and $24.3 million was raised. For the public sale, the aim is to raise $5.7 million from 38 million SPARK tokens.

The remaining 33% of the tokens will be distributed as follows: 20% goes to Sparkster’s initial investors, the current and future team members get 10%, 2% is used for Exchange Listing Liquidity, and the final 1% goes to Sparkster’s Dreamers Charity.

Tokens earmarked for the team and initial investors will be vested for 2 years, reducing the circulating supply to 290 million SPARK.

The proceeds from the sales will be used for the following: 25% for marketing, 25% for Corporate & Large Account Sales Team, 20% for continued Research and Development, 10% for expanding Sparkster’s infrastructure, 10% for the development of a global customer success team, and the final 10% for miscellaneous.

Two million tokens are to be used for Sparkster’s bounty program, the tokens will be vested for a month.

Price Per Token
During presale, 1 SPARK = $0.15. (1 ETH = 4650 SPARK).



Development of Sparkster Platform begins.

Sparkster Platform Internal Beta Release.

January:Sparkster Platform testing completed.

July: Signed Partnership Agreement with Libelium.

August: Signed Partnership Agreement with ARM.

October: Performance optimization completed.

November: Private Beta Program began.


January: Decentralized Cloud Architecture planning completed.

April: Public Launch of fully functional enterprise-grade platform.

May: Launch of Sparkster Marketplace/ File Patent application to protect technology.

Q2 2018

Public Release of platform support for Arduino and ESP (codeless embedded app development).
Q3 2018

Release of platform for ARM devices (according to partnership/first certified ARM-embedded IoT platforms).
Public release of mobile app supporting sensory input (GPS, gyroscope) from mobile phones.
Q4 2018

Public alpha release of Sparkster Decentralized Cloud.
Public release of full scale support to build AI powered apps.

Integration of NEO, Cardano, Steller and other leading networks.
Launch of codeless Data Warehousing and Analytics platform for Enterprise customers.


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