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There is no perfect system that has been created by man. We cannot create a perfect thing if we ourselves are not perfect. Each one of us has flaws that we may try to improve on but some just stick with us. The same cannot be said for technology. The technology that we have may be flawed but we always have ways to improve it to near perfection. We may not be able to score 100% but we can push on to 99.99% as we strive to create seamless systems. This type of push can be seen in the improvements we have been making in the past three centuries. All our economic sectors have been on the upward trends since then; the hiccups that we faced along the way inspired us to create even better systems as we marched on to a greater tomorrow.

One of the industries that has seen its fair share of growth is the advertising industry. Advertising probably started long in the past through the word of mouth as people recommended service providers who did a great job. The earliest form of paid advertising was however first recorded in June 1836. La Presse, a French newspaper at the time allowed paid advertising to feature on its paper in a bid to lower the prices of the paper. From then on, advertising has always been making positive strides as billboards and flyers were incorporated as advertising media. The invention of radio and television sets created the platform that would make the advertising industry boom. Wider markets could be reached through this media and this promised great returns after vigorous ad campaigns. Advertisers would base their hopes on the numbers that were reached by the advertisement but these numbers only represented those who saw the ads, they never accounted for those who actually bought the products or services being advertised. This was a great challenge for advertisers but they still hoped for positive responses from every ad campaign they carried out.

Fortunately for advertisers, the internet was invented. It provided a new way in which advertisers could reach their target market. Through e-mails, advertisers would send ads to random users. They were still running blind in terms of ad conversion but there was hope in the system. Subscriptions helped advertisers curate a target group for their products, which in turn made them more confident when sending their ads to these e-mails.

In addition to e-mails, the internet also provided a platform for internet advertising. This is arguably now the most popular media for advertising after the invention of social media. Social media websites created markets that advertising companies had been craving for. They started modestly with a few million users and picked up gradually as their popularity grew. Myspace was the first social media platform to show its potential in terms of user population. It would average about 75 million visitors a month during its prime. Then arrived Facebook with a unique approach to social media which helped it gain followers at a rapid rate. Facebook provided a more suitable platform for advertising and a wider market reach. It was also easier to create target market groups within Facebook as users gave out some data upon joining that would help in this. Facebook started making huge profits from advertisement that saw its value soar.

The online advertising industry in now a multi-billion dollar industry. All this money is as a result of user data. So, technically, the owner or creator of this data is the one supposed to be profiting from it most. This is however not the case. Users never even see a dime of this money. All is shared among large internet companies.

As stated earlier, no system is perfect. Apart from user data being used to make profits for companies, this data is also attained without consent from the users. Here lies a big problem of privacy. No social media user feels safe while using these platforms. There is always the feeling of being watched as you go about your social media activities. It gets worse as there are claims that this data collection goes way beyond social media platforms. Your internet presence is probably being tracked and your internet habits noted in a bid to create an internet profile that advertisers would want to buy. This data is traded by firms known as data brokers. These firms are secretive in their operations as the operations seem unethical from many viewpoints. Such practices can be prevented by changing internet platforms to suit the everyday internet user.

Sphere Social Limited is the company behind Sphere. Sphere is a social media platform that stands out from all others. It leads in the adoption of a new platform to make its social media platform safe, transparent and secure. The change Sphere is adopting is blockchain technology. Blockchain is the system which allows for decentralization. Decentralizing a system simply means spreading out its database to a wider network. The way blockchain handles its data makes it transparent and secure as it keeps a record of any data transaction for all parties involved in a particular blockchain to see.  With the numerous user data privacy complaints being seen in almost every online platform, Sphere so it wise to have transparency in their social media platform. Sphere aims to have user data safely stored and secured in its platform. But what does this mean for advertising companies?

Sphere also planned a system that would help advertisers gain the information they require. Sphere will collect data within its platform from its users and use this data to create target groups for advertisers. The Sphere data collection method will be different from what has been experienced by social media users. Sphere will make its data collection system voluntary and rewarding. Only Sphere members who want to participate will participate. Participation is however opened to all and encouraged through incentives. Sphere will provide tokens in its platform that will be the incentives used to attract users to participate in this program. Social Activity Tokens (SAT) will be given to those who submit their data to Sphere. The number of SAT given will be subject to the quality and quantity of data submitted.

Sphere understands that the core of any social media platform is the number of active users it has. This number is also the main attraction for any advertisers seeking to market their products. Creating a social media following is a marathon, it requires persistence and endurance until the goal is reached. Sphere is actively marketing itself through affiliate programs across most social media platforms to gain the following it needs to attract advertisers. With its growth strategy, Sphere will achieve its population target.

The SAT provided by Sphere will also be useful in another feature provided for in the platform. Sphere will venture into the e-commerce space by providing such a platform in its system that will allow its members to sell their products. The medium of exchange will solely be SAT as Sphere aims to increase its value as the platform grows overtime.

Sphere wants to become the largest decentralized social media platform in existence. This is a huge title to attain but with the programs Sphere has in place, it can be achieved. Sphere also strikes a perfect balance between user data safety and advertisers’ need for user data. Sphere allows for both to co-exist in its platform. Sphere, through its program, takes the right step into the future of internet systems. Decentralization through blockchain is the future.

  • For Sphere to make any of this possible, it will require as much support as it can from as many people as possible. It is already receiving overwhelming support by those who are downloading its application on the various app stores. To keep these applications running and to develop to completion their entire platform, Sphere is in need of development funds. There are those that have experienced the vices of centralized systems or have seen the dangers of collecting user data without their consent and would want to see a change to prevent such scenarios. Sphere is inviting them to participate in creating the change by funding their cause through their public ICO. SAT are on sale in the Sphere public ICO which started on February 12th 2018 and is ending on April 9th2018; the direct link to the ICO event participationhttps://sphere.social/?ref_code=hl169vsj46e5. Sphere has already accomplished part of its ICO goal which included surpassing the soft cap. This has been achieved. Fiat or various forms of cryptocurrency such as Ethereum can be used to purchase SAT.

The ICO details and the Sphere plan can all be found in their whitepaper through this linkhttps://sphere.social/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.4.pdf. The Sphere website and other media channel links below will also provide more information on Sphere.

Website: https://sphere.social/


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