Howdy everyone, today the advancement makes with a staggering rate and the universe of digital money types of cash is growing rapidly it is essential for cryptographic money owner,investors,analysts and everyone in the cryptographic money to get data, examination and information to remain up with the most recent of current event happening in the consistent crypto space, Lately, a steadily increasing number of ICOs are being launched, and consequently, there is an increase in problems that plague these kinds of investments, such is the mistrust that potential investors have in the Crypto-Asset industry, because it’s somehow hard to differentiate between a legitimate and illegitimate ICO project. As a result, even high quality and legitimate startups or existing companies struggle to have a successful ICO.
This calls for many stages of verification and due diligence to ensure that an investment is sound, well-organized and have general quality assurance. As a Crypto-Assets writer and enthusiast, it’s a must to carry out research/due diligence in validating the legitimacy of an ICO project before writing on or recommending it. I have a number of questions I ask and things I look out for in an ICO project before I could give such a project a yes-yes. One of the things I look out for is “the Goals, the Team and the Partners” of the project. And in this particular ICO project I’m writing about, it’s a yes-yes. Trust me, this is a great project.Underneath I will be enlighting the vision and most things you have to know about Spokkz …

What is Spokkz?

Spokkz is a decentralized TV and film blockchain ecosystem. The people group controlled commercial center and biological ecosystem are hoping to return capacity to the hands of the watcher. Watchers will get SPKZ for sharing, inspecting and prescribing content, which they can use to support the tasks they like.

What is the Goals of Spokkz?

Spokkz objectives is more in accordance with giving crowdfunding stages to free movies by raising assets from the Spokkz organize. This undertaking is more similar to a monetary instrument than a distributive media stage that needs to change the present condition of the business.

spokkz is a piece of spuul that was propelled in 2012, Spuul is a main Singapore based over-the-top (OTT) supplier with workplaces in Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney, and Auckland. More than 60 million clients in 180 nations getting a charge out of an immense library of Asian substance 60,000 exchanges go through Spuul clients’ safe wallets consistently, Spuul accomplished about US$ 14 million in income in 2017, anticipated to twofold consistently finished the following three years. The organization has just been seeded USD 10mn by the authors. Spuul made Asian amusement a breeze to expend for everybody. With SPOKKZ, “everybody” turns out to be a piece of a persuasive network

spokkz is as of now based on the ethereum blockchain yet for whenever spokkz will move on the zilliqia blockchain

What issues does Spokkz Solve?


No agent worth the name begins an organization with no self-intrigue, or if nothing else, interests in benefit. The issue comes in when the business’ advantages in benefit, for instance, surpass their enthusiasm for their clients and the esteem it is giving. This has been an issue with media outlets. Extensive studios have begun encroaching on the shopper’s entitlement to pick what substance to expend. Going with this pattern is an extravagant charge paid for the substance. The diversion stages work so well in light of the fact that the dispersion of substance is value-based and there is no space to connect with networks.


Spokkz guarantees to be the knight in sparkling protective layer. The watcher will be engaged to pick what they need to see and the amount they will pay for it, because of the Spokkz’ decentralized framework and commercial center. The Spokkz ecosystem will put the watcher networks as equivalent partners with content makers, stars, merchants, and promoters. They will have the capacity to crowdfund and help in advancing TV shows and films.

What are advantages of having the token:

Every one of the clients of Spuul’s Fiat wallet utilize it to get, send, and store cash. The wallet bolsters administrations like Paypal, Teleco and Visas. After ICO, SPKZ tokens will be incorporated as an installment compose. From that point, couple of tokens are airdropped into wallets with messages to illuminate clients that they can utilize them to buy in or watch motion pictures.

Token details:

Name: Spokkz
Ticker symbol: SPKZ
Smart contract: ERC20
Start – End: June 28, 2018, to September 09, 2018
Soft Cap: 5 000 000 USD
Hard Cap: 12 000 000 USD
Token Supply: 300 000 000 SPKZ
Token Price: 0.08 USD

For more details pls feel free to visit the official site below:
Website: https://spokkz.com/
Whitepaper: https://spokkz.com/static/documents/whitepaper.pdf

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