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The SportsFix project   aims to change the way in which sports are enjoyed by presenting a digital sports content ecosystem hosted on Blockchain technology while  “decentralizing sports media rights”  and upholding trust and transparency through the deployment of smart contracts. It aims to target the global sports industry which is worth more than $ 600 billion.

The  SportsFix  Vision of this project is to redefine the sports content market by cutting out middlemen (eg Broadcasting Agents and Sports) and linking right holders directly to fans through  SportsFix  ecosystems, while providing new revenue streams for right-holders.

The SportsFix project is   conceptualized by  SF Media Holdings  , which has become a fast-growing OTT business in Asia, streaming local and international sporting events to millions of fans every week and on track to become one of the most valuable live video streaming platforms in Asia in the region.

SportsFix Technology Architecture 

SportsFix Digital Rights Management System 

The SWOT analysis of the SportsFix project is   outlined below: –Power

A. Strong relationship with sports content rights holders globally 
B. Strategic content agreements and partnerships with sports leagues and clubs 
C. Strong partnerships with telecommunications companies and other operators 
D. Sachet pricing models


A. Great potential in the target market [ie “ASEAN”] with a population of around 650 million 
B. Decentralized ownership model 
C. Mass acceptance of crypto currencies


A. The current platform is related to certain content (e.g. Sports) 
B. There is no premium content available today 
C. Brand awareness and popularity


Internet piracy  is slower in emerging markets 
C. Competition from traditional PayTV


Bronze stadium is a basic stadium and provides a standard OTT streaming experience in addition to a

special feature. This stadium continues to be opened for our digital season pass holders. 


The silver stadium has full basic features opened to a fan base that includes gaining loyalty and

entering group leaderboard competitions with other digital stadiums. Users in this stadium will

have an active SFT wallet where they can collect loyalty points and get tokens. Fan bases that open

thesilverstadiumwill be entitled to choose two special features to enjoy their digital stadium experience. 


The golden digital stadium retains all the features of the silver stadium and allows users to enjoy 5 

special features in their digital stadium experience. 


When the digital platinum stadium opened the open market. The market allows users to 

exchange their loyalty points (see below) that they produce. The platinum digital stadium allows users to 

access all special features! 


The SuperFan Stadium is a Digital Stadium that is officially supported by a sports club. This stadium does not  depend on  the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stadiums 

. Here users have access to that particular content

produced by the club which requires player interviews, behind the scenes, and special access content. The 

SuperFan stadium can cover the full spectrum of digital content by allowing clubs to access back to 

their live streaming rights and be equipped with the additional content they produce. 

Sports clubs will allocate the specified number of SFT to be distributed to their fan base. The number of 

tokens distributed is based on the size of the market addressed by the fan (e.g. Location, the following social media 

etc.). Fans who receive this token will automatically be placed in SuperFan Bronze Stadium while fans 
who have digital season ticket holders are automatically upgraded to Silver SuperFan Stadium.


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SportsFix (SFT) TOKEN

The  SportsFix (SFT)  Token will be a utility token used on  SportsFix  ecosystem. The  SportsFix  Platform will be held on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and  SFT  tokens will be ERC-20 compatible tokens.


Symbol –  SFT  [ERC-20 Token]

Soft Cap –  $ 2 million  [Blockchain technology integration]

Milestone –  13.2 million  [Expansion in the ASEAN market, premium content and Digital Stadium (DS) economic growth   ]

Hard Cap –  $ 32 million  [Sports media content funds for opportunistic premium content like Olympics, FIFA World Cup, ICC World Series, etc.]

Maximum Token Supply –  800 million  SFT

Number of Tokens Available for Sale –  420 million  SFT  (i.e. 55% of the token supply)

Token Price

Private Pre Selling 1 –  1 SFT = $ 0.05
Pre Private Selling 2 –  1 SFT = $ 0.07
General Sales –  1 SFT = $ 0.1

Please see the chart below for more details

Distribution of SFT Tokens 

SportsFix Project Sales Results 

sports tm.png


As such, the SportsFix project   is one of the most promising projects aimed at decentralizing sports media rights while presenting a digital sports content ecosystem hosted on Blockchain technology and upholding trust and transparency through the deployment of smart contracts.It aims to redefine the sports content market by cutting intermediaries and connecting right holders directly to fans through the SportsFix ecosystem   .

For more information about the SportsFix project   , please see the following link: –

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