Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the SportsFix project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:


The SportsFix Digital Stadium is the closing fan revel in combining the pleasure of stay and Video on Demand (VOD) sports content with the energy of social media, gamification, predictions, delusion leagues and e-trade all driven by means of the SFT. It permits enthusiasts to:
• Pledge and vote for their favorite content
• Control their own enjoy by most effective paying for his or her desired content material
• Engage without delay with their preferred clubs
• Simulate live stadium enjoy by means of interacting with different fanatics in the DS
This concept is a completely unique integration of blockchain {clever contracts} and ‘non-blockchain’ era {OTT}


This Concept is a Unique integration of Blockchain {clever contracts} and ‘OTT’ era (shipping of Movie and television Content material cloth thru the net with out requirising customers to subscribe to standard cable or satellite Television for computer pay-television provider) to permit lovers to disencumber their favored content and product functions through bidding.
SF will have interplay with the fanatics to create a totally precise patron profile that helps to curate their desired sports activities activities content fabric primarily based totally on their behaviour and opportunities. SF’s praise system is designed to create a compulsive loop for engagement, elevate fame amongst enthusiasts, and understand unswerving lovers that help grow the virtual stadiums. This encompasses a gaggle of sports activities that harness fee into the surroundings which include usergenerated content, voiceover talent, content material cloth voting, network constructing and social media sharing.

Consequently, Enthusiasts CAN be Encouraged to interact and actively take part with their desired content. SF intends To utilize sports activities content material as a automobile to enhance up the adoption of cryptocurrency among the Loads via using efficiently integrating this decentralised consumer market into fans’ everyday sports sports Consumption.


digital stadiums are tiered based on group attendance. even though digital stadiums can theoretically have a close to unlimited ability, stadium tiering is used to incentivize respective fan bases to watch the livestream together. because the community of fan bases grow, they collectively as a collection flow up the virtual stadium ranges to liberate modern stadium capabilities to decorate their viewing experience.



The Bronze Stadium is The Base Stadium and Provides The Standard OTT Streaming Experience Alongside One Custom Feature. This Stadium is Continuously Unlocked For Our Digital Season Pass Holders.
The silver stadium has the overall fundamental features unlocked for its fan bases which include incomes loyalty and getting into the organization leaderboard competition with other digital stadiums. These users in this stadium will have active SFT wallet in which they can accrue loyalty points and earn tokens. Fan bases that unlock the silver stadium may be entitled to pick two custom capabilities to experience in their virtual stadium revel in.
The gold digital stadium retains all the features of a silver stadium and allows users to enjoy 5 customized features in their digital stadium experience.
while the platinum virtual stadium is unlocked the market opens. The market allows customers to redeem their loyalty points (see below) that they’ve earned. The platinum virtual stadiums allows customers to access all custom capabilities!
The SuperFan Stadium are virtual Stadiums which can be formally encouraged with the aid of sports activities clubs. This stadium is independent of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stadiums. here users have access to special content material that is produced by way of the membership that entails participant interviews, behind the scenes, and unique get entry to content material. The SuperFan stadiums are capable of encompass the total digital content material spectrum with the aid of permitting clubs get right of entry to returned to their live streaming rights and complemented it with the ancillary content they produce.





A total of 800,00,000 tokens will be issued, and will be allocated in the following ratios:
• 55% Sold
• 13% Distributed to the SportsFix team
• 9% Distributed to the SportsFix Advisors
• 5% Sports Club Tokens
• 3% Bounty Program
• 15% Retained by SportsFix in a ‘Network Reserve Vault’


Presented in The Graph Above is Defined Below:

  • Content & Aquisitions Covers The Cost OF Acquiring Sports Content, Producing Original Content and strategic Acquisitions.
  • Development Costs Covers All R&D expenses, including Design and Development Of Smart Contracts, Cryptographic Mechanisms, the SportsFix Platform, Apps and Features, SDK, etc.
  • Operation Costs include Streaming and Monthly platform costs, as well as the salaries Of All SF Employees {Excluding The technology Team}.
  • Marketing Costs Will be Allocated Accordingly To Procure Both Distribution Partners {e.g. Mobile Network Operators, Retailers, ISPs, etc.}, and sports fans/users for the OTT platform.
  • Legal & accounting Costs WILL Cover relevant Legal, Auditing and Accounting Related Expenses.



The SportsFix Project, Please Follow a number of sources for the following references


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