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SportsFix is a blockchain platform which is focussing to make the sports content distribution a decentralized process. The centralized process of sports content distribution consists of many intermediaries due to which the fans need to pay large subscription fees to watch the content. The users do not have any option but to pay the high fees in order to watch the sports. SportsFix is solving this problem by developing a decentralized platform to enhance user experience. It is eliminating all the intermediaries. It is also allowing the users interact with each other and participate in their favourite league and clubs with the help of SF tokens (SFT).

Challenges Faced Today:

• The traditional television which is the content distribution source delivers poor sports content thus limiting the user experience.
• Sports fan need to pay large subscription fees for the channels and programs they do not require. They do not get the choice to choose which content they need and pay for that channel.
• The numbers of intermediaries such as right holders, agents, broadcasters increase the costs which the user need to pay.
• Many fans today do not get access to their favourite league or events due to their remote locations. Because of this they are also not able to watch live TV broadcast.
• The content distribution process carried out today do not allow fans to engage with the content creators. It is a one-way communication process a with no personalization feature


SportsFix is Solving all the above addressed problems by developing a decentralized platform. The platform allows the fans to choose the content they prefer to watch and thus they only need to pay for those content. This automatically reduces the subscription fees. The right holders who are the content creators can directly engage with the fans and deliver the content thus removing all the unnecessary intermediaries.
The platform will create a user profile for every user which will help the platform to know the behaviour and preferences of the users. The reward system will also be integrated into the platform which will reward the users for increasing the engagement and help the platform to grow.

Картинки по запросу sportsfix ico

Digital Stadium Components:

There will be four stadium tiers. As the user moves up the stadium tiers he/she will unlock more innovative features and the reward or incentives will also vary according to the tier the user is in.

The four tiers are as follows:
• Bronze Stadium: This is the base stadium with standard features which can be accessed by every user.
• Silver Stadium: The users of Silver stadium can earn loyalty points to earn more tokens. The users will also get their separate SFT wallet.
• Golden Stadium: Along with the features of Silver stadium, users here will get access to 5 customised features.
• Platinum Stadium: This stadium allows the user to redeem their loyalty points that they have earned so far. At this level the user unlocks all the features of the platform.


Carl is Co-founder of SportsFix and EverSport, two leading sports OTT streaming platforms in USA and Asia and intimately familiar with the sports and media industry in all aspects, from content acquisition, distribution, fan-engagement and supporting data.

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur and founder of TSA, Branded Real Estate, Glory Kickboxing and SportsFix. He was voted into the top 200 SBI (Sports Business International) team comprising industry leaders over the past 18 years and has been featured on CNBC, BBC News, Bloomberg Asia.

Gunesh is an avid Blockchain enthusiast; co-founded Travel meta search engine SPRICE, a series of start-ups in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Spain on USENET, Set Top Boxes and Video Search Engines. He was the Head of Project Delivery in BAE Systems AI and the CTO of GoQuo before joining

Token Matrix:

Token – SFT
Total Supply – 800 Million SF
Price – $0.05 USD
Soft Cap – $2M USD
Hard Cap – $32M USD


• The social media hype of this project is good. It has around 3000+ followers on Twitter and around 4000+ members on Telegram.
• The team behind this project has experience in fields such as sports industry, media industry, IP, marketing, software development, Blockchain, etc.
• There are six advisors for this project having different background such as blockchain, ICO, sports media rights, sport marketing. Few advisors have worked in Alibaba, Premier League clubs including FIFA, UEFA, AFC, The Football Association, EFL etc.
• The project has partnered with Digi, AWS, Boost, indosat, Twitter and many more.
• The MVP of the platform is available, and it is currently live in Malaysia and Indonesia.

ANN Thread:

Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1112705



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