The human body is the most fascinating and mysterious creations, for years we have been on a constant study yet many features and functions of our body are yet unsolved. Our day to day chores greatly contributes to build and construct our human anatomy fit and sound. We undergo a lot of physical activities every day that leads to constant growth and well functioning of the whole body. Apart from day to day errands, we spend a lot of our time playing a sport or at worst watching a sport. The sport is a complete involvement of our physical and mental presence and a big sponsor to an all-round development.

Sport is no longer seen as a hobby, it is a serious career path opted by many and a great physical activity to overcome most of the ailments. Sports are studied to help in building team-spirit and zeal to fight. They are also a great backer in developing the presence of mind and resource management. Sports are a good platform to invest in at very early stages of life for the development of an individual into a responsible and disciplined one. Realizing the appeal sports has got in one’s life; people are trying to adopt it within their everyday to-do list.

With recent advancements and changing lifestyle, investing time in a sport is almost an impossible task, the reason being our stressed and busy day to day routine. Though we cannot play the game, we can actually watch our favorite sport almost everywhere and anywhere with the technological advancements achieved in recent times and with platforms like SportsFix, it is a lot easier.


The digital availability of our favorite sport is the best in at present, the technical advancements have managed to bring the ongoing games live in front of us through our television sets and internet but they are charging a lot in exchange to the limited service we are provided with. A game telecast involves a lot of middlemen and thus lead to an increase in the end price viewer is bearing. With such high price and limited features, the traditional game telecast needs an upgrade.

The SportsFix is an advanced sports platform where the users can do more than watching the sport. The games are directly telecasted without any intervention of third parties. This greatly brings down the price and also allows the user to choose and pay for only the sport interested in. The SportsFix also introduces the concept of Digital Stadium, where every user can experience the stadium feel sitting on the couch, the user can also encourage the team and support by predicting and posting about the game and the team. The platform is an advancement of traditional sports viewing platform with an added advantage of Blockchain integration.


The world today is driven towards sports and fitness and people spend a lot of their valuable time watching and enjoying their favorite game. Though the demand for the best stadium experience is increasing, the old and traditional game telecasting methods are still in practice. The SportsFix is a platform aimed at revolutionizing the sport telecasting platform and integrating it with added advantages and features that elevate the user experience and greatly encourage in using it. The innovative and accurate usage of Blockchain technology to avail newer services that pamper the user experience and develop a stadium scenario at the home is an apt reason for enjoying the next big game on your couch!

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