• SportsFix is a live streaming platform for sports. Using Blockchain technology SportsFix is trying to revolutionize the sports live streaming industry. Users will be able to interact with other users throughout the platform and their token.

This is a decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology. With the use of technology blockchain then the platform will be more reliably and transparent. SportsFix using smart contracts at network ethereum. SportsFix is a revolutionary digital sports content with blockchain technology. SportsFix platform allows media rights for sports content rights investments micro.

SportsFix combines content Netflix with blockchain so as to change the manner in which fans connect to media content sports. Fans can take part in and get associated with their clubs and leagues in the economy with a digital transaction using intelligent blockchain contract.


As sports fans are unable to participate in their favorite sports, they would at least, be grateful to consume the contents thereof. These contents, as the economy of this present times reveals, is impossible to come freely and undiluted to its intended consumers. Sports consumers, therefore, apart from paying to get these sports contents, also pay for other undesired added components, majorly advertisements, in a subscription which now equals an amount immeasurably higher than the actual sports content they get. The problem, therefore, is the issue of “shortchanging”.


Having identified the major problem underlying the sport industry, it is reasonable to conclude that sport participants and fans across the globe would appreciate a system like SportFix, which will decentralize the consumption of sport content, eliminate the involvements of the bureaucratic middlemen, pay incentives for sport participation and consumption, and most importantly, provide raw and undiluted sport contents, altogether making the distribution process of sport content immeasurably less convoluted.


  1. You can choose the game you need to watch and can get a token SFT.
  2. Purchase tickets upon the arrival of the match.
  3. 3Can sign up as a season ticket holder digital (DSP).
  4. Watch the game free with the digital Stadium sponsors.
  5. Can get a token SF from sponsors to change the admission upon the arrival of the match
  6. You can get discounts on your favorite brand’s stuff
  7. They could watch the match with HD quality.
  8. Watch the game together and share your comments with the public.
  9. You can gain loyalty points and make forecast games as well as making content which is cool.
  10. You can get discounts also.
  11. Can be identified and granted with the register as DSP
  12. Can access content exclusive to the room lockers, preparing and the sky is the limit from there.


Digital stadiums are tiered based on group attendance. Although digital stadiums can theoretically have a near unlimited capacity, stadium tiering is used to incentivize respective fan bases to watch the live stream together. As the community of fan bases grow, they collectively as a group moves up the digital stadium tiers to unlock innovative stadium features to enhance their viewing experience.
An algorithmic formula is used for each game to determine the tiers. The formula calculates the projected content cost for the game, feature cost, and hosting cost. The stadiums are tiered out by those costs and divided by the number in attendance. The formula optimizes which digital stadium will be unlocked for a fanbase based on these metrics. At a bare minimum, a bronze stadium will be made available to digital season pass holders (see further below) for every game since they are enrolled in a seasonal subscription and helped release the content. In order to ensure parity between sports club fan bases, the formula will also take into account key metrics of the club which include regional market size, social media followers to determine how large respective communities need to be before getting upgraded to the next tier. SF will be promoting market-driven product development with our user base using this model. Our users are empowered to unlock the features they want to see and use. A continuous delivery approach will be implemented to create the best-customized experience specifically curated for users.
[Image: image.png]
The bronze stadium is the base stadium and provides the standard OTT streaming experience alongside one custom feature. This stadium is continuously unlocked for our digital season pass holders.
The silver stadium has the full basic features unlocked for its fan bases which include earning loyalty and entering the group leaderboard competition with other digital stadiums. These users in this stadium will have active SFT wallet where they can accrue loyalty points and earn tokens. Fan bases that unlock the silver stadium will be entitled to choose two custom features to enjoy in their digital stadium experience.
The gold digital stadium retains all the features of a silver stadium and allows users to enjoy 5 customized features in their digital stadium experience.
When the platinum digital stadium is unlocked the marketplace opens. The marketplace allows users to redeem their loyalty points (see below) that they’ve earned. The platinum digital stadiums allow users to access all custom features!
The SuperFan Stadium are Digital Stadiums that are officially endorsed by sports clubs. This stadium is independent of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum stadiums. Here users have access to special content that is produced by the club that entails player interviews, behind the scenes, and special access content. The SuperFan stadiums are able to encompass the full digital content spectrum by allowing clubs access back to their Live streaming rights and complemented it with the ancillary content they produce. Sports clubs will be allocated the predetermined number of SFT to be distributed to their fan base. The amount of tokens distributed is based on the addressable market size of fans (e.g. location, social media following etc.). Fans that receive these tokens will automatically be placed in the Bronze SuperFan Stadium whilst fans that were already digital season pass holders are automatically upgraded to Silver SuperFan Stadium.
[Image: image.png]

Why you should invest in SportsFix ICO

  • Already raised a lot of money: SportsFix ICO has already raised 1 million dollars and their soft cap is only $2M.
  • Huge market opportunity: We all love sports, football, tennis, almost everyone you know watches some sort of sport. This huge industry obviously has a lot of potential for profit. SportsFix could be the new big thing.
  • The Team: A great project needs a great team to succeed and SportsFix has the very best.  Carl Kirchhoff with extensive knowledge in the field is the CEO and founder of SportsFix. His experience is too great to be listed here so I’ll give you a link to his LinkedIn Their whole team is experienced and big enough to pull it off. You can find all of them at their official website:
  • Introducing the ”Digital Stadium”: SportsFix has created a way for fans to interact with each other and be able to pay only for their preferred content. They will also be able to vote and pledge for their favorite content. Of course, all of this is done through the Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
  • Product or MVP: SportsFix currently stands as an OTT 1.0 video streaming platform leveraging best-in-class streaming infrastructure from AKAMAI, AWS and other best-in-breed vendors.
  • Partnerships: SportsFix currently has a wide variety of partnerships with big companies including Amazon. SportsFix is currently among the few projects to join Amazon Web Services (AWB). More about their partners on their whitelist:
  • The Token:  SF Digital will isue tokens in exchange for payment in Ethereum or other acceptable cryptocurrencies to be determined. The sale is subject to KYC/AML. Token Metrics are shown below:

Advantages SportsFix Token

  • SF in the token provided to a limited extent.
  • SportsFix team has experience in the field of sports content and industry over the past 50 years.
  • A platform of digital streaming stadium OTT offering next-generation experience with premium crowdfunding.
  • Token SF design to appreciate and engage end users on the platform of the stadium digitally.
  • Model development of SFT is very dynamic.


  1. A team that is proven with experience in the industry. The founders have a combined experience of 50 years in sports marketing and industrial content.
  2. Next generation OTT streaming platform. Digital Stadium, offers a premium, soft-driven crowneting experience.
  3. Fancentric STF. The token model is designed to encourage end users to join and interact with our digital stadium platform.
  4. The dynamic growth model is dynamic. Thanks to the strategic release of our growth model, sponsorship and micro advertising, this will create a steady demand for SFT.
  5. Already entering the market. The OTT Streaming Sportspack Platform has a coverage of 300 million users in the ASEAN market, broadcasting over a hundred games each month.

SFT Token Information:

  • Token Symbol: SFT
  • Tokens Issued: 800,000,000
  • Token Price (USD): 0.10
  • Pre-sale duration: 4-8 weeks
  • Total amount SFTs sold: 440,000,000
  • Pre-sale discounts: 30-50%
  • Soft cap ($): 2,000,000
  • Hard cap: ($) 37,200,000

Token Allocation:








Founded 20 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Group CEO Marcus Luer, the TSA GROUP is Asia’s leading global sports marketing agency. With over 50 dedicated sports marketing professionals operating in its offices across the region, TSA represents and has worked with major global sports brands – from Premier League Football Clubs, Formula One teams, and a host of Olympic sports federations (BWF, ITTF, AIBA, IAAF, FINA).

TSA incubated SportsFix and Glory Kickboxing and has helped grow many other well-known global sports franchises from WWE to the US Open Tennis in Asia. Their clients include worldwide broadcasters, Asian multinationals, and global corporations seeking to maximize the power of sports for their own brand benefit.

Offering a full range of services including media rights distribution, TV production, sponsorship, events management, and consulting, Total Sports Asia’s mission is to enrich people’s lives through sports & entertainment.


By 2017, the global sports market was expected to generate revenue of around $500 billion. The industry connects many different activities, from the food and memorabilia stands to media rights and sponsorship. The business features numerous participants: from rights owners (athletes, clubs, leagues, and federations) to sports agencies, sponsors, investors and broadcasters. All are competing over a bigger and bigger pie, as the sports industry is growing faster than most. One of the biggest catalysts behind the growth is the increases in revenue derived from media rights deals.

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