SportsFix is ​​a decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology


SportsFix is ​​a sports streaming platform that will present live sports events to you. The streaming platform SportsFix will feature the region’s most popular regional, local sports and international sports content. SportsFix will be the platform of choice for sports fans.

SportsFix Platform is decentralized

SportsFix is ​​a decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology. With the use of blockchain technology, the SportsFix platform will be more reliable and transparent. SportsFix uses smart contracts on the ethereum network. SportsFix is ​​a revolutionary digital sports content with blockchain technology. SportsFix platform allows sports media rights to the investment of micro content rights.

SportsFix combines Netflix content with blockchain thereby changing the way fans are connected to the media content of olaga. Fans can participate and engage in their leagues and clubs in an independent economy with digital transactions using smart blockchain contracts.

Sports industry data shows that 90% of fans choose to move and can not access their favorite sports content. Only 10% are broadcast to sports fans. Approximately 4.7 Billion people at least watch 1 game olarhraga.


Many of the issues encountered in today’s streaming sports platforms include:

  • Distribution systems are not transparent and terkensan berbeli-belit.
  • Conduct markup of manufacturers, packaging and artificial prices
  • Using a centralized revenue redistribution system & centralized revenue distribution system.
  • Moving fans have limited access to Live content from their favorite team
  • Supported clubs have no direct involvement with their fans.


  • SportsFix provides a decentralized digital stadium network solution that will help fans connect directly to the game.
  • Supporters can unlock sports content and feature their favorite products.
  • Cool features that fans can choose when watching a game.
  • Fans will only pay for what they watch.
  • Favorite sports clubs can interact and identify and reward their loyal fans who are active in the digital stadium.

The advantages of the Digital Stadium Platform

  • You can select the match you want to watch and get the SFT token.
  • Purchase tickets on game day.
  • Can Register as a seasonal digital ticket holder (DSP).
  • Can result in one day match through our partner sponsors or clubs.
  • There can watch the game with HD quality.
  • Watch the game simultaneously and share your comments publicly.
  • You can earn loyalty points and make game predictions and create cool content.
  • You can directly engage with your favorite clubs.
  • Can be identified and awarded by registering as DSP
  • Can access exclusive content for locker rooms, training and more.
  • Watch free games with digital stadium sponsors.
  • Can get SF tokens from sponsors to exchange entry tickets on game day
  • You can get discounted goods of your favorite brand
  • Develop your fan outs to unlock special features on every level.

Excess SportsFix Token

  • The SF tokens are limited.
  • The SportsFix team has experience in the content and sports industry for 50 years.
  • Being the next generation OTT streaming digital staging platform that offers a premium crowdfunding experience.
  • The SF Token is designed to reward end users and engage in digital stadium platforms.
  • SFT development model is very dynamic.

SportsFix OTT is already in the streaming platform market and has a range of 300 million users across the ASEAN market.

Name: SportsFix
Token Symbol: SFT
Supply Token: 800,000,000 SFT
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Token Price: $ 0.10 USD
Token for sale: 440,000,000 SFT
Pre-Sale Time: 4-8 Week
Discount Pre-Sale: 30-50%
Softcap : 2,000,000
Hardcap: 37,200,000











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