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 SportsFix (SFT) Presents Digital Sports Content Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology

Technology has advanced over the years with different products and currently the newest of its products that have captured in the minds of several people is the blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies. It is upon this knowledge that all digital currencies have been developed. The blockchain technology has certain features that make it become appreciated by organizations and online platforms. Transparency and security are the hallmark of this great invention by Satoshi Nakomoto. It is with this features that makes it very secured and comfortable to work with. The blockchain ledger system makes it very reliable and safe platform to keep records of transactions and other investments.

Are you a real football fun? Which club are you in support with? Do you know into details the management of your team? Any premiere league in mind that you like to watch always? Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference by Robert Griffin.

This article is written to enlighten readers out there on the revolutionary digital sports content ecosystem based on Blockchain technology. Many fans are in doubt nowadays of how the management of various teams does to lift up teams. They are in turn eager to know the truth and transparency in every management of the teams.


The means by which most of the fans out there get information or sport content is very luxurious, obsolete and problematic. Letters are often bundled with desired, network-based content which increases the cost. Users are therefore forced to make due payment to the services they ought for not considering the higher prices. This is all due to how flexible it is in choosing.

The vision by the team is to define the sports content market by putting aside the middlemen and gaining some connections with right holders directly to the supporters through sportsfix ecosystem. This vision goes a long way to some revenue streams to right holders and sportsfix alike. It also helps in nurturing the supporters and achieving whatever the supporters expect to get.

There is the problem that the formal TV model is old-fashioned.

There are too many platforms and channels. Due to the one way communication, there are restricted licenses from direct appointment and observing.
The issue of poor content delivery. The linear channels are too difficult to view clearly and the electronic programs leaders are more times very dreary.



Many fans and supporters can really connect with their preferred team and cast some votes for their preferred team’s sports content. This helps to come out with new consumption model for sports content that is regionalized, cheap and available.


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