Hi everyone, today I will explain about StakeIt. So, lets see my explanation about it.

StakeIt Token (STAKE) is a community-driven investment token providing centralized staking options for token holders. Users can stake their tokens on a daily basis and withdraw their tokens at any time they wish to from the platform. Additionally, StakeIt features a 1-page AD platform where advertisers use StakeIt tokens to publish their ADs.

StakeIt has a motto project that is Decentralize It. Innovate It. Community-drive It.

StakeIt Platform

The platform consists of 5 main features.

  1. Staking Web Wallet: users can stake their tokens on a daily basis by depositing STAKE tokens under their website accounts.
  2. Bounty & Giveaway (ADs) Platform: StakeIt regularly hosts bounty & giveaway campaigns here to attract new visitors. It also features advertisement spaces which can only be purchased with STAKE.
  3. Games: features a smart contract based decentralized dice game & web-based scratch cards where users can double and triple their STAKE tokens.
  4. Merchandise Store: cryptocurrency related fashion products & accessories are sold here. They can be purchased with BTC, ETH, BCH, as well as STAKE. Those who use STAKE to purchase items are provided significant discounts thanks to lowered exchange rates (to encourage the use of STAKE tokens).
  5. Affiliates System: users can earn ETH by promoting their referral links and gain 10% lifetime commissions on all sales they refer to (includes merchandise store products & staking plans).

Benefits Of Using StakeIt

  • Decentralized Staking
    Stake your tokens directly on any ERC20 compatible ETH wallets. Hold it for a minimum of 1 day – maximum of 90 days
  • No Lock-in Contracts
    Receive staking rewards at any time of the day by simply sending any amounts of STAKE to/from the same address holding STAKE.
  • Secure And Automatic
    We take advantage of the Ethereum network to better secure & automatize the staking process.
  • Transparency
    StakeIt’s smart contracts are verified on the Ethereum Blockchain with all transactions publicly traceable.
  • Play Games And Earns
    Earn STAKE by playing decentralized & smart contract based games guaranteeing maximum fairness and transparency!
  • Affiliates System
    Earn 10% commissions for referring sales (lifetime commissions). Design your own products & sell them through the store!
  • AD Platform
    Bounty & giveaways are held on the AD platform to attract traffic and advertisers. Advertisers can purchase ad spaces with STAKE. All tokens received from here are destroyed.
  • Community Driven
    StakeIt Token (STAKE) is a community-driven project. Your suggestions and feedback will be heard and implemented as the project matures. Join the discussions on our Telegram Group!

StakeIt Token Info

StakeIt Token (STAKE) is an ERC20-compatible (Ethereum-based) token with a total supply of 100 million tokens. It has been created to provide long-term profits for its token holders with its innovative centralized staking options.

  • TYPE: ERC20
  • CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0XBEC8F6D667594FB181C9D68E5C80C910888BE93D

Token Distribution

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Screenshot (182).png

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