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About Stan World
However, Stan World is more than just a social platform; this is the world. Users find friends in a new way:
• virtual reality: communicate through personal conversations emulated in a virtual three-dimensional virtual world
• virtual avatars: be who you want to be and express your identity with fully customizable avatars
• virtual communities: join Standoms, user communities that gather based on common interests / hobbies
• virtual classes: watch movies, attend concerts, play games, go to theme parks or relax together in the virtual world
Everything in our world is fully engineered, created and managed by communities.
Using our AI-based authoring tool, any user or group of friends – without any additional knowledge – can contribute to their community in the form of:
• creators: using keywords to create virtual objects to create objects, experiences and games.
• Users: Contributing to these creations through various forms of participation, such as testing, reviewing and promotion.
Stan Coin, the key currency of Stan World, is protected by smart blockchain contracts that make all attribution verifiable and unchanged. We use blockchain to ensure that creators / users receive compensation automatically, safely and instantly.
Stan Coin is a utility cryptocurrency with a wide range of applications in:
• award-winning creations: creators receive the largest percentage of profits from their creations
• Stimulating engagement: Users also receive rewards when they contribute to engagement activities such as testing, analyzing, and promoting creations.
• overcoming the real world: transactions occur both in the virtual world and in the real world, where users can use coins interchangeably
Thanks to blockchain technology, we have developed the Stan World ecosystem to provide fair and reasonable benefits for all involved.
Access to Stan World is currently open only to Stan Coin holders, and we are now starting our round of Stan Coin sales.
Sales will be limited, so be sure to get involved while we open and become one of the first citizens of the new world!
Stan World will provide a virtual experience that users can take full advantage of. Whether selling virtual t-shirts, merchandise or souvenirs, Stan World users will have the opportunity to participate in various economic events and opportunities. By leveraging this virtual marketplace, Stan World will create a new environment for users to explore and grow with their communities.
Users choose what they want to do at Stan World, whether it’s an immersion in a grand role-playing adventure, competition with other users or just playing with friends on the Internet, you choose it and we can solve it. Users can chat with other fans to sing, dance and chat in the VR-K-pop karaoke room, attend Elon Land along with other Elon Musk enthusiasts, or participate in the Dragon Game combat tournament in front of thousands of spectators watching real time. -time. Freedom is absolutely yours.
Stan World will target an audience of existing communities and current fandoms that will be adapted to the virtual world. This will allow users to facilitate the Stan World fandom activity, most similar to how they interact in the real world, but in a more exciting way in virtual reality.
Xacil Gambar Uncle Stan Warner
Token Sale
ICO start date: September 26, 2019
ICO end date: October 31, 2019
Soft hat: US $ 5,000,000
Hard Cap Size: $ 30,000,000
Token details
Ticker: STAN
Type: service token
Additional Token Allocation: None
Accepted Currencies
U.S. dollar
bonus program
Round 1: $ 0.10, 15% bonus, 2019/09 / 26-2019 / 10/03
Round 2: $ 0.25, 10% bonus, 2019/10 / 03-2019 / 10/10
Round 3: $ 0.50, 5% bonus, 2019/10 / 10-2019 / 10/17
Round 4: $ 0.75, 5% bonus, 2019/10 / 17-2019 / 10/24
Round 5: $ 0.75, 3% bonus, 2019/10 / 24-2019 / 10/31
Token Distribution
55% – token sale
15% – team
10% – partners
10% – marketing
10% – reserve
Distribution of funds
50% – development
10% – Operations
10% is legal
10% – marketing
10% – Creators Fund
10% – reserve
Start: October 3, 2019
End: October 31, 2019
White Paper:  Read White
Role of Token: STAN Coin is an official cryptocurrency that you can use to exchange profits, participation and the real world
Product status: ICO
ICO Category: Business ICO
Leads the team: Ki Hong Lee – co-founder and CEO, see Chin Woon – co-founder and CTO, Peter Jung – co-founder and COO, Joon Kim – developer
Token symbol: FLAT
Where to buy a token:  Stan World website
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