StateU is an application using a decentralized system to overcome various frauds. A decentralized system that is planted with credit card payment processors will overcome fraud that until today no one has been able to overcome, StateU will overcome the problem by using the blockchain, the blockchain itself will also be able to write every transaction done by everyone. Not only that, StateU will also be able to use it as a money transfer (Fiat). In conducting this money transfer transaction, it will get 5x cheaper than usual and get 8x faster than usual, the funds generated by prepaid debit cards are also will get credit funds for all holders and unlimited status, if you want to sell property or books then you can use the real estate platform that has been provided. This real estate platform uses an injection of blockchain technology in order to transfer ownership and can record all transactions in the purchase.

Why should you choose STATEU ?

  • Have a free fee of 100% if you want to promote your goods or property
  • In the process of selling or purchasing an item that is protected by law, we will help to provide legal sales documentation.
  • All customers registered with our services will be asked to carry out the KYC & AML verification process. We also process customer filters for all customers who have already carried out KYC & AML processes
  • We order payments within 1 month that will be reserved for Twitter Instagram and Facebook users
  • Placement of advertisements in foreign Real Estate magazines for 1 month.


The ChargeU is one platform that is able to overcome various frauds. This platform is also provided by blockchain technology and blockchain technology, this will be able to produce service for service credit cards and debit cards. The purpose is to provide a solution for each user in processing payments in various countries. All customers will not get a limit for making transactions except for a number of cases set by the ChargeU, customers will get a limit if customers make debit or credit card tax transactions, customers will also get a limit in making purchases online using international e-commerce. If you use this platform as sending money then you will not be subject to daily restrictions, but if you use this platform as shopping or buying in one of the international e-commerce sites, you will be charged 3.7% and One Euro per account, in This shipping fee will be given 72 hours when purchasing on an e-commerce platform.

Sales are registered forever on the Blockchain.

With the right use of the blockchain, we will be able to save documentation on property sales, identification of buyers and legality of money.

We use the blockchain because the blockchain can save documentation that is charged to property sales, the blockchain will also be able to deal with the existence of counterfeit money and identify buyers, the blockchain will be needed by all users to get very cheap transfer fees. Thanks to the algorithm generated by the blockchain it will be able to keep the owner’s title and storage not temporary but forever, all information on this Owner title will be secured by the blockchain,

You can keep a log block to make it easier to find and track various properties, properties that have been confiscated in tax collection or abandoned and without a good title, and they will all try to cheat.

Token Details

The use of tokens was created and developed with the aim of providing services and helping Intermarket, every activity created using these tokens is being regulated and written on the Blockchain without you acting at all. by using this token we as users will be very lucky because we will be able to minimize the costs of international money transfers and the cost of selling our property.

Name : StateU

Token symbol : ESU

Contract type : ERC-20

Platform : Ethereum

Type of Token : De Untilidad

Maximum Supply at Tokens : 85,000,000 ESU

Pre-sale ICO : 20,000,000ESU

Pre-sale in USD : 30,000,000 USD

ICO Sales Date : 11/15/2018

Minimum capital required : 20,000,000 ESU

Maximum capital required : 26,000,000 ESU

Blocked Token : 10,000,000 ESU

Sales end date : 12/10/2018

Minimum purchase : 1 ETH

Metal mask Compatible : YES

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