StateU – The Latest Fintech & Real Estate Dapp Using Blockchain Technology

StateU is a decentralized application that aims at credit card payment processors that use the blockchain to identify and prevent fraud. Online money transfers (Fiat), 5x cheaper & 8x faster. Debit prepaid cards, with credit funds for holders and without limits. Plataform Real estate, books and selling property online, using the Blockchain to transfer ownership.

Paybit S.A. S, founded by people who have expertise in the field of operations using DAOactions, cryptomonads analysis and experts in development, in 2016, these people have 6 years of experience in digital currency processing payments and money transfers. Paybit S.A. S, are people who are already known by many people, and they made partnerships with the BITPAGOS LATAM company, which is a company that can be called the oldest company in Argentina where the company is dedicated to instant payment and money transfer solutions. our job is to solve problems that occur with regard to bank boundaries and boundaries. which will be guided for projects or cities, and currently TIM has made the following products :

  • PrepaidU
  • TransferU
  • StateU
  • ChargeU

The team is currently working on dedicating to make that part real, money limited, instant, comfortable, transparent and free. IT has given money to individuals and companies that will be used for payments, for shipping, in currencies, wherever and wherever you want.

A platform that can blockchain services or debit cards and credit card services that are safe from fraud. The main purpose of this platform is to provide a solution for each user in the payment process in several countries, without limiting each customer, except in some cases, such as debit / credit card taxes, limits on online or shopping purchases. for each transaction fee will be 3.7% + 1 Euro per international account within 72 hours. 100% money transfer online, without limits

How does it work
The following is a simple simulation for where this will work.
For example, Mr. Jhon wanted to send money from Spain to London to his colleagues, so the first thing he did was send 100Euros to a TransferU account, and this transaction would cost 3.5%. While the payment method will use the conventional method of payment, or 0.5% + 1 Euro using ESU Ethereum TokenHector, fellow Jhon will receive money on the same day. This transaction will use 2 alternative shipments, TransferU, using a national bank account so that the city can ensure that this transaction is quite safe because TransferU has a role as escrow.

Users can receive information that is different from the features provided
With the E-banking application that the team provides users will be able to easily meet their needs, users will be able to make transactions using this application anywhere and anytime. In addition, each user will get protection using safe 3d technology for each second Visa and Mastercard payment. to manage every transaction that users do the team will work using Oncloud technology, people’s cards and I think it’s good enough to disrupt DAO technology and actions. and those who are not less important will be released using 7 languages.

Real Estate ESUoken Platform
by using ESU Multisig Transfer Escrow, each user can also write down every real estate sale, on their blockchain. The business objective of this project is to minimize the costs and time we have to spend in conducting online transactions and selling real estate. and we as potential users need not doubt this anymore, because in fact, this team has a lot of experience in helping companies in the real estate sector in the process of selling property, such as homes and other buildings. Online money transfer services are tools that can help increase foreign investment in underdeveloped countries. for this reason, they support 100% of the real estate business.

Why should you choose STATEU ?
✔ ️ Promote your property 100% free, for 1 month
✔ ️ We help you with legal documentation for sale
✔ ️ Customer filters for you KYC & AML
✔ ️ Marketing payments for 1 month: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
✔ ️ ads in foreign real estate magazines: 1 month

Sales are registered forever on the Blockchain
With the right use of the blockchain, we will be able to save documentation on property sales, identification of buyers and legality of money. The title of the owner will be kept forever, Thanks to the “proof of stock” algorithm, information is safe and not temporary.
Keeping log blocks will make it easier to find and track properties. Examples of this include property that has been confiscated on taxation, abandonment and good untitled properties. All of them are targets of fraud

Token Details
The use of tokens was created and developed with the aim of providing services and helping Intermarket, every activity created using these tokens is being regulated and written on the Blockchain without you acting at all. by using this token we as users will be very lucky because we will be able to minimize the costs of international money transfers and the cost of selling our property.

Name : StateU
Token symbol : ESU
Contract type : ERC-20
Platform : Ethereum
Type of Token : De Untilidad
Maximum Supply at Tokens : 85,000,000 ESU
Pre-sale ICO : 20,000,000ESU
Pre-sale in USD : 30,000,000 USD
ICO Sales Date : 11/15/2018
Minimum capital required : 20,000,000 ESU
Maximum capital required : 26,000,000 ESU
Blocked Token : 10,000,000 ESU
Sales end date : 12/10/2018
Minimum purchase : 1 ETH
Metal mask Compatible : YES

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