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The current financial crisis has raised queries about the adequacy of the present regulatory regime. Whilst the immediate priority maybe to plug the obvious holes in the system, there are some long-term generic problems with almost any system of financial regulation. The structure of the financial services industry is in flux. Liberalization, deregulation, and advances in information technology have changed the financial landscape dramatically. But how to look at the broader positioning of banks in general? How is their role evolving, and what can be said about the structure of the banking industry “tomorrow?” These are the questions being addressed. We will argue that the ongoing revolution in information technology has improved information dissemination and enhanced the overall functioning of financial markets. The proliferation of financial innovations advances in securitization, and underwriting help push funding to the financial markets. Does this tilt the comparative competitive advantage to the transaction-oriented financial markets? In particular, many suggest that the banks’ traditional comparative advantages in relationship banking have been diluted by transaction-oriented finance. This begs the question: what is the future of relationship-based bank transaction? And, more generally, what should be the competitive positioning of banks? These questions have gained further importance with the subprime crisis that has hit the financial sector in 2007–2008. At the surface, investment banks have suffered most, and largely have disappeared as stand-alone entities (e.g. the demise of Lehman Brothers, or the takeover of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America). Also, the advances in securitization have been questioned as the securitization and repackaging of the subprime mortgages was considered one of the culprits of the crisis. Nevertheless, lets not divert from listing the problems the financial banking institution are facing today. Have heard cases of transfer failure or delay in transfer and such can be so annoying most especially when the fund is needed urgently so as to deal with some basic issues. Not to mention the information’s of users been at risk due to the poor security measures and many other problem which Stateu has been able to solve. We must however acclaim the fact that we are not banks, neither do we act like banks. We are just mainly here to serve the needs of human to making living easy, convenient and simple

Stateu is a platform created that aims at credit payment processors which uses blockchain and decentralized application to identify and prevent the occurrence of any fraud activity if the need arises. It shouldn’t be new to us that blockchain and centralized application is taken over the world gradually so as to give humans the benefits of security from scammers and thefts online. With the right use of the blockchain, users documents are been saved on property sales, identification of buyers and legality of money, which can be kept for a very long time almost forever. The system is so transparent and trust worthy that one doesn’t have to worry about funds or other issues which one may think it will rise. It enables transfer easy, fast and simple without no geographical limitations instantly, this means that no matter where one is, no matter where you are or where you may want to send money to, this is the best platform in that it is instant and totally safe. With the basic features already underlined below, it’s been made to serve users by giving them maximum satisfaction. It’s a totally safe and sound system. It’s transparent, reliable and incorruptible. Identification of KYC and AML is 100% safe. One can transfer without borders and without limitations. With the help of her smart contract, it helps buyers match with seller exchange and also help in settling automated disputes if any. Did I also to forget to tell you that it’s free and the system is transparent. Well, if I did, then you heard it right.

Though not bankers, Stateu token aims to solve the problems of borders and bank limits by providing payment processing solutions, in multiple countries, with no limits except for debit/credit card taxes

Money without Borders, instanteous, convenient, transparent and finally free. Providing money to individuals and companies: to pay, to receive, to spend, in any currency, wherever you are whatever you do.

• Transfers are made to be instant online. Better than before
• Stateu is a friendly system that accepts 52 methods of payment, conventional and 100 digital coins. What more could one possibly want.
• It’s a totally safe and sound system. Its transparent, reliable and incorruptible. Identification of KYC and AML is 100% safe
• One can transfer without borders and without limitations
• With the help of her smart contract, it helps buyers match with seller exchange and also help in settling automated disputes if any.
• Did I also to forget to tell you that it’s free and the system is transparent. Well, if I did, then you heard it right.
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Type of contract: ERC-20
Development platform: Ethereum
Token type: De Utilidad
Symbol: ESU
Maximum supply in tokens 85,000,000 ESU
Ico Presale Objective Amount ESU: 20,000,000 ESU
Presale in USD: 30,000,000 USD
ICO date of sale: 15/11/2018
Minimum necessary capital: 20,000,000 ESU
Maximum capital needed: 26,000,000 ESU
Blocked tokens: 10,000,000 ESU
Final sale date: 30/12/2018
Minimum purchase: 1 ETH
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Funds for another DEVs- 10 000 000 ESU= 11, 7647
Bounty program- , 500,000 ESU= 1, 76470%
Crowdsale-45,000,000 ESU = 52, 9411%
Airdrops- 3,000,000ESU= 3, 5294%
E-money &Licenses money services business- 6,000,000ESU = 7, 058823%
E-wallet funds- 8,100,000ESU= 9, 529411%
Humanitarian aid programme= 1,900,00ESU 2, 235294%
Paid advertising- 1,000,000ESU= 1, 1764%
Development costs= 4,500,000ESU= 5, 2941%
Costs of listing currency- 4,000,000ESU= 4, 705882%
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In our first quarter we will be ready to launch our payment processing platform with debit and credit cards, as well as with more than 50 ways of payment and 250 digital coins and actions Dao ERC-20
Once ready our payment processing system with debit card and credit, we will make the fist money transfers 100% online instantly, in our second quarter we seek to operate an amount of 1 Billion Euros per month
We seek to have solutions in an effective and immediate way, therefore our third product is an alternative. To reach the limited markets, we will launch our E-wallet and debit card PrepaidU
The real estate are our partners and the real estate sector our best friend, we want to provide safe and fast solutions for properly sales, these can be in the final stage or on planes. For this, we will have ready our platform to register each process, the final sale of the property and the fiat money sent finally to the entity.
Q3 2019
We have 7 years of experience in OTC trading and exchange market, this is our last concern, however, we will publish on platforms with greater volume, as we want o develop an extra-stock exchange platform
Q3 2019
Help & Health: programa de Ayudas
Once ready! This is our last step. ESU token. Commits to fight hunger, fight against corruption, usinf decentralized technology, help the environment and help to expand the art and music of Colombia
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This project one of the best I have seen so far. The days of sleepless nights are over when one has to think of a quick, fast, simple and secured way of transferring. One major thing I love about this project is that its free, it’s transparent and with the use of blockchain technology its secured. Its features as already aligned above are created just for you and me. I charge everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of transfer without stress or limitations to join this awesome project. It’s wonderful, and it’s one of a kind. To join this awesome project, for more information or more enquiries, please kindly visit us in any of the links below. see you at the other side.
Thanks for your time


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