Status Security Project (STS) 

Status Security Token (STS) is a revolutionary digital currency focused on security, efficiency and worldwide availability. It combines exchanges, brokers, traders and investors into a decentralized secure, stable and transparent network. This revolutionary digital currency is focused on more than just security and efficiency, it uses peer-to-peer technology to provide worldwide availability and stability to the often volatile crypto-based financial market.
– Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 STS
– Contract Address: 0x2193b9f2b5e5051e41c32c71b25587d6a6f045c8
– Decimals: 18
– Circulating Tokens (35%): Consists of Investors’ Club (1.5B), Self-drop (1.5B) and airdrop (500M)
– SBIP (20%): Bonus allocation solely for SBIP
– Community Rewards (10%): Giving back to the deserving individuals who work as hard by promoting and contributing to the STS Project.
– Team Allocation (10%): Will be frozen for at least a year.
– External Costs (10%): Costs for exchange listings/promotions, gas fees, etc
– Ad Hoc (15%): No Plans yet. Could be allocated for SBIP, Token Burn, etc.

  • SBIP Explained
    There would be two phases of the SBIP:
    a. Innovators — for early investors/participants/holders of STS token according to bracket.
    b. Stakers — based on the length of “commitment” of STS tokens. Holders will have the option to “freeze” their STS
    – Monthly (30 days)
    – Quarterly (90 days)
    – Semi-annually (180 days)
    – Annually (360 days)
    Participating in the Freezing Program means that you agree to the SBIP terms and conditions, which includes freezing your STS holdings for the certain amount of time you picked and will not be able to withdraw, trade or send during the entire duration.
    According to the HODL duration, additional STS tokens will be directed to the holder’s wallet:

The STS Token has been created with the vision of bringing stability and security to the incredibly volatile cryptocurrency market, in order to create a future where both first-time and seasoned investors can enjoy some peace of mind when holding a portfolio of STS tokens. This is why the STS Token is complemented by a Status Based Incentive Program (SBIP). Because there is always going to be uncertainty and there is no way to predict values or behaviors in the cryptocurrency market. However, by building a community of investors who are incentivized to retain our coin, even throughout market fluctuations, we can at least build stability around our own currency within this volatile environment.

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