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Good day crypto world, right now with blockchain breaktrough. so many ICO growing around the world.

But right now, i need you guys to focus on a good one. that is CONTRACT VAULT

Introducing Contract Vault

Every crypto-enthusiast knows that Blockchain technology creates contractual trust. It is a meaningful record of truth. That is why there are plenty of other startups already promising to improve contracts by using Blockchain. However, we are thinking bigger.

Contract Vault is a Blockchain-powered platform on which anyone can develop, use, resell, customise and repurpose legally sound contracts. We are working with world-class legal partners to make creating contracts something that anyone can do, and as simple as drag-and-drop.

That includes next generation Ricardian Contracts – contracts which marry natural language contracts with Smart Contracts and thus making them legally-enforceable. Smart Contracts, implemented correctly, have the potential to facilitate agreements in thousands of existing and new contexts. Simply put, it is possible to modernise trade entirely, reducing the reliance on intermediaries, optimising digital processes, lowering transaction costs and enabling tamper-proof transactions.

By making Smart Contracts legally-enforceable so that they have legal consequences in the “real world”, it is possible to make the transfer of arbitrary physical property, assets or rights entirely decentralised, secure and legally compliant.

Until now, Smart Contracts have come with significant risk – because like any powerful tool, without the right protections, they can go dramatically wrong. The Contract Vault platform includes independent, impartial verification of Smart Contracts, plenty of off-the-shelf functionality, and legal resources on tap if needed.

Smart Contracts are only as good as the legal documents which accompany them. Without them, it is impossible for an outsider or a court to ascertain between whom and why a particular transaction took place. For contracts which do not require formalities, Ricardian Contracts represent the ideal construct for optimising and automating these contractual relationships and processes. Using Ricardian Contracts for use cases that require formalities will require amendments to current laws in some jurisdictions. Lawmakers will only begin to take notice when pioneers active in this area present plausible solutions which provide added value.

Built in the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley, in Zug, Contract Vault is a Blockchain-powered platform on which anyone can develop, use, resell, customise and repurpose legally sound contracts. It’s a toolkit for building contracts as simply as drag-and-drop, a marketplace for selling them and a secure environment for witnessing them. We’re also a home for tomorrow’s smart contract automation; where fulfilled contracts automatically lead to events like money changing hands or documents being updated. From buying a home to unlocking micropayments in third world countries, Contract Vault is the new world of trust.

How Contract Vault works

This platform (Vault Contract) is designed to be a bridge that will obscure the space that separates legal contracts and intellectual contracts. Thanks to the process, the aspects of creating, managing and integrating contracts, each process on the block chain can remain simple. This is the final decision that will attract everyone involved in a new world full of smart contracts, and for the first time they will be truly intelligent and legally worthy.

The whole process brings together the Ricardian Contracts, with a more original contractual style to create smart contracts. Together they will provide a legal force that guarantees the transfer of material rights from goods held in detachment.

The ecosystem for the platform will be rich and diverse and ready for deployment for legal counsel, block chains and cryptographers, and users will eventually be able to get expert advice from arbitration and mediation.

This is a fully accessible interface that allows you to create, test and manage your own smart contracts and only using mobile devices or browser capabilities. And in the market there are individual organizations of various legal and technical templates that can be used for various purposes.

Contract designers can be used to create smart contracts or change new ones to meet user needs and provide them with visual tools designed to help the natural language of system handling. It’s also related to solutions for white labels, which means that companies, financial institutions, and other organizations can assign their own white label contracts to their users.

The company is ready for business and uses an advanced API to create and expand various applications through integration, which in turn improves their own processes and existing intellectual contracts.

We’ll even create a whole new sales channel that will be developed to provide access to new customers with the best options for advertising and marketing. They also encourage users to their services.

Contract Vault is the place where this will change.

Users can construct their own reusable, customisable SmartTemplates or access a wide range of ready-made verified, legally-enforceable SmartTemplates which can be used to generate any kind of conventional or smart contract. Lawyers can provide advice, get access to secure smart contracts and use our tools such as SmartDossiers to collaborate with their clients more efficiently. Blockchain experts can offer their expertise and services directly on the Contract Vault Marketplace. Businesses can quickly and efficiently implement (smart) contracts tailored to their needs.

Those behind Contract Vault

There is a large group of investors, lawyers, and technical specialists who advance the project forward. Each of them tests LinkedIn profiles and can be checked by checking their background on their social networking profiles. The fact that the Vault Contract fully reveals all the information about the people who work in the team and the location of the headquarters is a very good sign. To be credible, companies must have full disclosure about who they are and where they come from. And Contract Vault does that, they do not try to be shady or hide personal information. As far as we know, they work with honesty and full transparency.

For those of you who are looking for a quality company that invests in it, it is trustworthy, then you will be awarded with Agreement on contract.

Token Sale

Links to tokens sale website and registration form will be published shortly.

Token sales will enable business and product development, recruit new talents, build enterprise integration, and pay for content.


December 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018

Phase completed


May 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018


June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018

Token Details

Token: VLT

Publisher Token: Token Vault LTD

Received: Ethereum ERC-20

Total supply: 900,000,000 VLT

Minimum Target: 1,000,000 CHF

Maximum Target: 45.000.000 CHF

Supply and Allocation

Maximum Token Amount: The maximum aggregate amount for all VLT allocations (including Private Pre-Crowdsale for certain entities and individuals, Phase I and Phase II Sales, as well as contributions from private entities and individuals of strategic value to Vault Contract Projects) will be defined as hard cap and is equivalent to CHF

45,000,000 (excluding costs arising from contributions to the contribution process (Maximum Goal).

Vault Token LTD may, at its sole discretion, determine that the Maximum Goal is reached when the aggregate of funds is transferred to the Intelligent Contract System close to Maximum.

The goal, even though the actual purchase amount received by the Smart Contract System is

less than the Maximum Goal (e.g. if the total number of purchases is not summed to exactly the Maximum Goal).

Total Token VLT Supply: The maximum VLT supply is 900’000’000 VLT. the aggregate amount of VLT will depend on the supply made effectively during the private PraCrowdsale, Phase I and

VLT Phase II token Supplies (Total

VLT Token Supply).

Our Team (Vault Contract)

The Vault Contract Team is led by Gordon Mickel as founder and managing director of the Vault Contract team.

Gordon Mickel is well known for his tremendous experience in 20 years of delivering production level software. Since 2013, he has been involved in blockchain technology and has a high spirits for Ethereum projects and decentralized applications. For the past, for years Gordon has worked in several companies such as RUAG defense, Kaba Schewelz, Post Finance, and so on as Lead Developer.

Gordon also leads other members of Contract Vault, and they have different skills and experience in blockchain technology. He has been suggested by Perica Grasarevic who also has an amazing experience in blockchain technology.



so my point is, contract vault is the one that will be successful ICO. its very promising. no need to hesitate and join contract vault ASAP

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