Some might say the internet was built on anonymity, paving the way for a place where free speech reigns supreme. Privacy on the web is a more popular topic than ever. But it’s not just about government spying, it’s also about how much big companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook have collected in order to serve up targeted ads. There are always going to be good reasons for people to go online without being tracked. It may be the only way for a whistle-blower to get by now, considering how some have been treated.
Is it even possible to take control of your own personal privacy online? Now that so much of normal life revolves around the internet, the privacy of each and every one of us is at risk. Advertisers, service providers, and government all around the world are increasingly interested in tracking every single movement we make online, whether you are a political dissident or simply someone who hates the idea of third-parties scrutinizing your surfing habits.
We all have things we’d rather not tell the world about, whether that be a flagrant disregard for copyright law, a penchant for specialist videos, or a desire to simply stay out of Big Brother’s ever-probing eye. You probably already know this, but your IP address is the gateway to revealing everything about you. Your ISP keeps logs of who is assigned which IP and is able to map those to a customer. They keep records of this for varying lengths of time. Your IP is transmitted every time you access any website. The website you visit doesn’t know who you are, but they will have records of every IP that accessed the site. These log files are minimal and could easily be kept for years.
For a longtime, bitcoin had been considered an anonymous digital currency. Bitcoin had been considered an anonymous digital currency. But this is not quite true. Transactions made to Bitcoin addresses can be easily followed on the blockchain. Once a connection between such an address and real person is established, all anonymity is instantly gone. That’s why today Bitcoin is considered a pseudo-anonymous currency rather than a truly anonymous one.
STEALTH PROJECT is a decentralized network ecosystem of a new generation based on the blockchain paradigm and employing state-of-the-art technologies in cryptography and information security.
STEALTH WALLET is a software product developed for managing and storing cryptocurrencies. It aims to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life as well as offer convenient and secure way of storing your assets in the new financial reality.

• Complete anonymity
• Built-in coin mixer (for the currencies that are not initially supported)
• The possibility of passive, constant income simply by the ownership of cryptocurrency (Participation in a built-in mixer program is required)
• Private node system similar to TOR, network of private anonymous servers worldwide
• Instant payments within STEALTH WALLET system
• P2P exchange within STEALTH WALLET ecosystem (similar to ShapeShift)
• Highest known level of security
• Built-in VPN
• Choice of online & cold
• Wallet keys are stored on the user’s device or in the cloud storage
• Blockchain is used on servers to prevent memory issues
• Online transactions, for offline transactions an appropriate currency is used
• Point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-point transactions are possible
• Using hop nodes (intermediaries) in transacting for the purpose of protecting both the sender and the recipient, combined with the option of activating this technology as well as setting the range of costs per currency
• Cross-platform support (java, c/c#, python, ruby, go, rust)
• Protection from external factors (DDoS)
• Features enabling integration with secure network services
• Import/export of wallets for the convenience of end user
• If the user agrees to participate in the mixing program, his funds are actively used for mixing, bringing him passive income
Use case for the STELZ token
• STELZ will be used as an internal currency and a means of payment for certain transactions in STEALTH WALLET
• STELZ will be used as payment to those who agree to participate in the anonymous transactions program
300,000,000 will be issued on ERC20 protocol
01/06 – 10/06/2018 – PRE-ICO
11/06 – 01/07/2018 – ICO
PRE-ICO – 10%
ICO – 43%
Founders – 10%
Bounty & Marketing – 7%
Currents assets for wallet operations – 30%
STelz distribution.PNG

• Minimum purchase at PRE-ICO is 1000$ or 1000 STELZ (maximum of 1000 investors)
• Minimum purchases at ICO is 100 STELZ in USD
• During PRE-ICO & ICO ETH/BTC are accepted
• STELZ coin is divided into 5 digits after decimal point
Pre-ICO – $0.1 per token
ICO Round 1 – $0.2 per token
ICO Round 2 – $0.3 per token
ICO Round 3 – $0.4 per token
ICO Round 4 – $0.5 per token
token distribution.PNG

Hard cap: $30000000
• $4,000,000 will be spent on developing STEALTH WALLET on a turn-key basis
• $10,000,000 will be spent on buying anonymous physical & virtual servers worldwide & building the network similar to Tor (stage of the STEALTH PRJECT)
• $10,000,000 will be used for the project support for first 2 years (complete financial independence)
• $6,000,000 is a required liquidity level (operating capital) for the mixer

09/2017: Project founders first meeting. Creation of STEALTH PROJECT
10/2017 – 02/2018: Lively discussion of a project on Deep Web
03/2018: Preparation of terms of reference
04/2018: Evaluation of project’s financial credibility. Final decision to go public to start ICO.
05/2018: ICO-project preparation
01/06 – 10/06/2018: Pre-ICO
11/06 – 01/07/2018: ICO
01/07 – 20/12/2018: STEALTH WALLET software development:
• User interface Design (UI) for Windows, Android, Mac, Web, Linux platforms (standard display resolutions)
• User Interface Design for client and server applications
• Server application development
• Windows client application development
• Web client application development
• Android client application development
• iOS client application development
• Linux client application of development
• Self-testing of software
09/2018: Listing STELZ on cryptoexchanges
15/10/2018: STEALTH WALLET beta-version release
01/11/2018 – 01/12/2018: Purchase of 1,000,000 STELZ; 0.5$/token
11/2018 – 12/2018: Software acceptance testing
20/12/2018: STEALTH WALLET release
01/2019 – 07/2019: STEALTH PROJECT release
Current employee of one among the largest crypto wallets
Former manager of one among the largest search engines
Hacker specializing in cryptolockers and cryptowallets
Developer of the Onion Router (TOR)
Former special services officer (USA)
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