Nowadays, it is almost impossible to stay anonymous and maintain your privacy while on the internet. Surveillance programs and data leakages have become more or less common in the cyber space. Governments and businesses use the web to get the information they need, basically meaning that you are being spied on each time you use your internet-connected devices.
Due to this, there’s no wonder that so many are seeking to maintain just a bit of their privacy. This is mainly what caused decentralized cryptocurrencies to gain so much popularity recently. But the privacy and anonymity offered by these coins have often been subjected to speculation, released researches showing that even transactions with Monero (considered to be a very anonymous coin) can be traced.
This is because, in spite of cryptographic protocols, there still remain small pieces of information that are not encrypted, and this data is then stored on the blockchain, and can never be deleted or modified.
Now that everyone knows this problem of privacy with cryptocurrencies, what is there to be done? Enter Stealth Project.
What is the Stealth Project?
The Stealth project is a decentralized network that aims to bring a better degree of anonymity when interacting in the crypto and online space. This blockchain-based environment employs the latest technologies in cryptography and information security.
The project will consist of the Stealth Wallet, an anonymous and autonomous network (similar to Tor), and the Stelz tokens. After the network infrastructure will be set up, web content will be created.
The Stealth Wallet
The Stealth Wallet is a software developed for the purpose of storing and managing cryptocurrencies. The wallet is compatible with the most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, also supporting Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash and Stelz coins.
This wallet offers coin holders the possibility to earn passive income by just storing their coins if the user participates in a built-in mixer program.
All transactions occur instantaneously for end users. To execute these transactions, the project employs a technology similar to Tor but with their own servers which are not monitored or controlled by any official authority. The wallet keys are kept on the user’s device and in the shadow storage secured by a key phrase.
The Stealth Project Network
The Stealth browser will use the concept on which the Tor network was based on, and the Tor network will be used in the project’s operation but only as long as the maximum anonymity requires it.
The Stelz Token
Stealth’s internal currency is the Stelz token, which is used for in-platform transactions, such as payment to those that have accepted to participate in the mixer-in program.
The Team
Considering the nature of this project, the developers behind Stealth chose to stay anonymous. Their team consists of individuals that have been working for a long time in information security on both sides.
As more and more crypto users are looking for a truly anonymous coin to keep their online activity hidden from prying eyes, the Stealth project will be the much sought-after alternative to Tor.
PRE-ICO [01/06 – 10/06/2018]
ICO [11/06 – 01/07/2018]

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