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Hello crypto lovers, I would like to examine the StealthCrypto™ ICO Project, which is performing well on ICO pre-sales.

Blockchain technology has a great deal of dynamism owing to its specifications. Along with the new ICO projects that will be implemented in the forthcoming period, it will be more involved in everyday life and eventually realize the revolution. As a matter of fact, various businesses are adapting blockchain technology to ongoing business or they are continuing successful blockchain based new activities. The StealthCrypto Project aims to provide the appropriate background and environment for new ideas in the business world on the basis of the platform to be created as a blockchain based experience.

In the future, encryption technology will become an important product for data security. The importance given to cryptographic activities and initiatives is increasing every year due to the increase in cyber crime rates.

StealthCrypto™ is a company that develops an infrastructure which protects data from hackers Actually the name of the company is Stealth Grid Ltd. The company’s headquarters is in North America. The project uses blockchain technology to present the data shared online. This system will be able to carry out its activities without any intermediary thanks to the smart contracts.

The Project Team has created a technological system and infrastructure called “Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI)”. It is estimated that this technology will be more successful than existing identity security systems in the world. StealthCrypto is also supported by international cyber security and world famous encryption experts.

StealthCrypto® Phone ™

Within the scope of the project, a smartphone was developed by StealthGrid ™. The main feature of this phone is the blockchain infrastructure and its security. So the most important feature of this phone will be security and privacy. As a matter of fact, most of the applications we downloaded from online stores in the current situation want to reach to the private data in our phones and our accounts without any interest. For example, a calculator application may want to access our directory information. This situation must be prevented in some way. The smartphones with security features pushed to the background can be dangerous for us. Here StealthCrypto® smartphones will be developed to eliminate all these security risks.

This phone will protect against IMSI collectors, which are referred to as any “IMSI Catcher”, and will not allow applications to reach important parts such as Wifi, Bluetooth, location, camera, microphone. The most crucial part of the phone will be a platform that will allow the user to disconnect the physical connection with camera, microphone and so on. The phone is planned to be produced in 2018. The phone was developed in the United States and the design process was carried out in Canada.


On the other hand, a revolutionary feature within the project will be the development of a highly secure D-App Store, just like Google Playstore, Appstore. The name will be TheStealthGrid™ D-AppStore. System security will be the main objective as it will be possible to pay with cryptocurrency here. Through this store, users will be able to download and use applications securely on their StealthCrypto® phones.

On top of that, StealthCrypto users will have great confidence in their privacy and will be able to make phone calls from any part of the world via Wi-Fi or internal data-internet. Stealth Grid aims to communicate mobile communication systems without trust to the central infrastructure using the decentralized Quantum StealthCrypto network (the first example in the telecommunications industry) of smartphones.


StealthCrypto is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem that creates a unique encryption network for the communications industry, IOT initiatives, banks and many other companies. The platform will be an example of the protection of data identity. StealthCrypto will provide successful network security in terms of user identity functionality. In the context of the possibilities offered by the Blockchain network, transactions will be reliable, traceable, invariant and transparent.


ICO and Token Information:

The project token is a QMN token based on the ERC 20 standard. The total token amount is 400 million. Half of it – 200 million – is allocated for Phase I of ICO main sales. For ICO Main Sale dates, you can follow the address of the project website: and the telegram address of the program

In ICO Sales, the token price was set at US $ 0.50. However, in the pre-sales period that we still have, the token price is 0.30. This rate is set for a token sale of 10 million. The target of the Hard Cap in the token sales of the project is 200 million US Dollars. The minimum purchasing amount in token sales will be $ 500.

As current information, I want to state that Stealthcrypto has been contracted to be listed on the GDAX Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Team Members

Larry Castro, founder and CEO of the project, is a well-known entrepreneur. He has more than 30 years of experience in Quantum cyber security. He also has experience in cloud technology, blockchain, cyber security, smart city structuring, IOT technology, mesh networking, intelligent contracts and digital media. Additionally he is the CEO and Founder of the iZZ Media Group which is active in the social media industry.

When we examine the other team members of the project, we see that in general there are people who are experienced in sectors such as cryptography – encryption, blockchain, finance, marketing.


For more information on the StealthCrypto™ ICO project, you can review the following links:

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MEW: 0xa06D23C1Cd375947319f504cFC67D6A5bff050A8


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