Welcome my readers to this wonderful platform. Today I am writing a very interesting project called Stealth Crypto. This project seems more interesting after reading the whitepaper. The project has a very good concept. I know this project will get high success. Consider investing. I am very happy with this project. I will explain a few more details below about this great project to be easily understood by everyone.

Stealth Crypto is a platform created to provide a safe place to store all data and cryptocurrency transactions quickly. The word ‘safe’ represents the platform’s ability to make every transaction undetectable by others (unknown to others in blockchain). It is a decentralized and autonomous technology.

StealthCrypto provides cost-effective technologies, improves efficiency, provides data security, and extends your reach. Online transactions are always accompanied by hidden fees or by third parties. Imagine if you can operate without having to pay additional fees. Imagine how much money you can save when you can transact at no additional cost transparently.

Through a decentralized system, StealthCrypto can eliminate some barriers in transactions. Barriers in transactions are some of the parts that are in the flow of the transaction. These sections really determine the success of a transaction.
From what they do, they will benefit from the transactions we make. The amount of profit charged to the user; some call it administrative costs. Imagine how much you can get, while users often get no rewards whatsoever. Through a decentralized system, StealhCrypto will provide an unhindered transaction path. In addition, the platform will also appreciate every transaction you make.

The main goal of the Stealth Grid is to simplify the most secure, reliable, modern, advanced decentralized, autonomous cryptography and encryption technologies and make them available to everyone. Stealth Grid is the first network to adopt blockchain for real-time communication networks and industrial usage. By joining the Stealth Grid eco-network, you can do whatever you did before – have chats, calls, photo/video and document exchange, without having to worry about security and confidentiality issues in your virtual world, regardless of whether your communication is for personal or business purposes. That is why we call the company Stealth Grid Living stealth in the digital grid.

StealthCrypto Trust Centers (TC’s), or NAS systems, offer a true peer-to-peer communication and data storage that can be embedded on a chip and can be configured for cross-domain secure communication, between stand-alone Trust Centers or StealthCrypto Cloud NAS servers. In this way, it’s social by design. Stealth Grid products and solutions are based on the underlying thought of creating an eco-system of safe interaction for consumers as well as business customers. Business opportunities today are diverse. Stealth Grid intends to be positioned as a pioneer, a global influencer, and a thought leader regarding blockchain usage for cyber-security purposes.

Moreover, the current storage of data, telecommunications, video calling software and instant messaging are not completely secured and are easily prone to investigation and utilization by governments, corporations and malevolent third parties, as well as being less resourceful and economical than might be expected.
The advancement and economies are facing a technological insurgency. In an interconnected world, cyber-security becomes fundamental to individuals, governments, cities as well as enterprises. Currently, most individuals and companies are not prepared to provide sufficient security regarding their communication. Stealth Grid intends to put up variation to that.

To combat this looming security crisis; we need a robust decentralized, independent, major mesh network that works across most different standards of device communication. Stealth Grid’s major cyber security solutions make decentralization, encryption and authentication faster, easier and stronger. Stealth Grid in one way or the other protects data from being conceded by using proprietary Stealth Crypto dynamic end-to-end split data encryption layered with Polymorphic Hashed Encryption which is Dynamically Split Geo Distributed, creating a meshed decentralized network for Stealth Crypto telecommunications, authentication, and data that uses proprietary AI Cyber Security

A great team of Stealth Grid developers. The Quantum Secure Digital Identity system will be far superior to any other identification system and will be reliable and secure, private and robust.
At the core, they are developing an amazing solution that has always seemed inevitable – online privacy. Private, end-to-end Quantum Cyber
Security, which consists of Dynamic Split GeoDistribution, Dynamic Split Encryption and Quantum Key Distribution among others, is the best of its kind.

Total token supply: 400,000,000
200,000,000 tokens for Stage 1 Token Crowdsale
Pre Tokens Sale to start on January 28, 2018. The initial token price (ICO) will be set at a minimum of S0 .50, or present market value above S0 .50, when ICO launches July 05, 2018. 200,000,000 tokens will be reserved for Stage 2 Token Crowdsale (50% of total).

Stage 2 will happen no sooner than 2020, and all tokens will be sold at market price, not at a fixed $0 .50 USO value (important note: all percentage below will be adjusted in accordance with actual amount raised, e.g. if we sell 70M of 1 00M tokens, the following numbers will be multiplied by 0.007)


Dear reader, this is just a brief overview of the purpose, benefits and opportunities that can be gained from this innovative project. After reading this briefing, I am sure you will want to know more
For more information about this great project kindly click on the links below;
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Eth Address: 0xE9a3c6d8e79901243e5D1ADEC46d11F27E4E61d9


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