StealthCrypto: State of the Art Quantum Mesh Network

StealthCrypto is a platform based on blockchain technology which originates from the Stealth Grid platform. The platform focuses on providing and developing data assistance services. Stealth Grid provides users with better data assistance services by mixing the latest renewable technology in the virtual security industry with blockchain technology, which will result in better and safer data assistance services for users. Stealth Grid targets to create a cybersecurity ecosystem which secures user data more safely.
Stealth Grid was created based on the assumption that some cybersecurity experts, who are concerned with the cybersecurity industry and have the intention to change it for the better. Stealth Grid uses a decentralized system that can secure shared user information by utilizing blockchain technology as the basis for its development. Stealth Grid utilizes a system that directly encrypts information that works together with high and stable performance. Stealth Grid provides users, information and network support that can be used for services such as Cloud Storage, IoT. Stealth Cloud is a service that can secure information exchange or Cloud Storage based storage.
Stealth Cloud can secure Cloud Storage based information using specially designed algorithms and then this information will be secured and stored in selected information centers in all the world. StealthCrypto is a member of Stealth Grid, a crypto that can be used by users to transact and put digital assets together safely using the wallet provided. StealthCrypto is very possible for users to receive and send cryptocurrencies anonymously. Stealth Grid aims to provide better information assistance services and confirms user information and networks are not compromised by unauthorized parties.

Data security

StealthCrypto can also be used as secure data storage. Data is a very important asset in the online world. Data theft is one of the main problems faced by Internet users. Internet users need to secure data storage media. Some people do not care about your data on the Internet, they assume that the data is just data, and there is nothing to lose. They will simply change their perception of the data when something happens, for example, when another person pirates their social media account. StealthCrypto increases the value of the user data through rewards. Humans tend to appreciate something when it is appreciated. Like data, users will appreciate your data more when others value it.A lot of people start using online storage media to store important data. Data like this is obviously very important because it concerns the interests of more people. StealthCrypto stores data in several autonomous servers. Each information will be stored on a different server to minimize losses due to possible data theft. StealthCrypto knows that all man-made technologies always have weaknesses; it’s only a matter of time.


Token Details

Token Name: QMN
Platform: Ethereum
Token price: 1 QMN = 1.00 USD
Tokens for sale: 100.000.000 QMN
Goal of funding: 100.000.000 USD
Hard Cap: 100,000,000 USD
Accepts: LTC, ETH, BTC, US

Token Allocation



Stealth Grid believes that along with a solid and reliable team and process, the Stealth Grid can be provided by users, safe and transparent data and cryptography, and provides users with various functions and conveniences in their virtual activities. They also believe that along with systematic development, team Stealth Grid can build a platform that is better than similar platforms.

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