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Stellar Dolphin is a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency (XDM) that is based on Stellar Lumen protocol, so any Stellar Dolphin improvements can be applied to Stellar Dolphin. Stellar Dolphin is a hardfork of Stellar Lumen. Stellar Dolphin is developed on the source code of Stellar Lumen Commonwealth.

Stellar Dolphin is a project created on the open source code of Stellar Lumen that͛s been researched and designed, and  has developed a reference implementation of a self-sustained, self-governed, self-funded blockchain ecosystem. It also improves
the security of the ecosystem of crypto industry by improving smart-contract development methods and environment,protection from memo spam transactions.


1 implementation of experimental protocols, which are a combination of core features implemented in smart-contracts
and merged protocol-level configuration.

2  ability to implement key platform features using built-in mechanisms: ie smart-contracts.

3 To  standardize protocol for a governance system and a development funding mechanism based upon smart-contracts.

research and develop a reference implementation of a self-sustaining, self-governed, self-funded blockchain ecosystem
and development environment

5  Aims to establish a secure and contribution-friendly environment for further protocol development and improvements. It will rely on a built-in system of smart-contracts to achieve this goal.

1. A registration of audited smart-contracts will be created. Every smart-contract that successfully passes the security audit will receive an official audited status. Otherwise, the contract will remain non-audited by default.
2. Everyone will be allowed to submit auditing requests and this is completely free for smart-contract developers.
3. A full-time team of smart-contract auditors will be hired to review each request for a smart-contract. This takes time, but it is better to do this than to launch a smart-contract with a critical vulnerability that will result in millions of dollars with the potential to be lost or stolen.
4. XLM and XDM smart-contract auditing requests will be accepted for free. We aim to improve the security of XLM ecosystem.

Smart-contract security is critical for most blockchain DApp development platforms. The main goal of this organization is to improve the security of the Stellar Lumen and Stellar Dolphin ecosystem by providing free security audits for smart-contract developers.
The smart-contract auditing organization is scalable, which means it allows to hire, manage and pay security audits of any smart-contracts written in any language depending on demand and community needs. Structure

Managers and Auditors.

MANAGER:The main task of a manager is to control and verify the work of the auditors.while

AUDITOR:The main task of an auditor is to review the code of smart-contracts and submit reports

but in this case Both managers and auditors are paid from Stellar Dolphin treasury.


The audit process will be managed through GitHub so that it will be transparent and available to everyone. A smart-contract developer should open an issue to submit his/her smart-contract for auditors to review. At this point the manager will verify the security audit request details and mark the issue as approved. The manager should not mark dummy requests; requests that aim to spam the security audit queue or any requests that do not meet coding standard requirements. These requests will not be processed, and once these are identified and removed, every auditor will start reviewing the code.


The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) provides a way to reach consensus without relying on a closed system to accurately record financial transactions. SCP has a set of provable safety properties that optimize for safety over liveness—in the event of partition or misbehaving nodes, it halts progress of the network until consensus can be reached. SCP simultaneously
enjoys four key properties: decentralized control, low latency, flexible trust, and asymptotic security

in conclusion , Stellar Dolphin Peer-to-Peer marketplace lets you live the inter-chain dream of swapping your Philippine Pesos for Litecoin for municipal bonds for xdm, and all of those trades settle in seconds.


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