STELLAR GOLD …free conversion cost to convert Cryto. to Fiat.

About Stellar Gold:-

Flexibility is an important issue in the crypto space where the rate of the insistence of trades both on the Ethereum and Bitcoin stage is yet to fulfill the need of the clients, outside of this issue , we make an examination were crypto resource holders imagine that its difficult to change over their propelled favorable position for fiat money. Right when these holders head out beginning with one spot then onto the following, for example from South Korea to Africa, is difficult to change over Bitcoin or Altcoins to have country fiat cash. trading these monetary forms and exchanging or changing over advanced monetary standards to fiat, on the other hand, has been accepted to be critical prevention impacting the computerized cash. Regularly time people get alarmed and dampened in view of the stunning cost of trade and peril connected with trading advanced cash. This was what incited the presentation of STELLAR GOLD. Stellar Gold is using blockchain advancement to proffer arrangements and encourage the change of digital forms of money to fiat.

Stellar Gold Wallet:-

Stellargold(XLMG) is an advanced solution to all the existing cryptocurrency problems which could allow users access simple, safer and faster transaction methods to various platforms and mining sites. It is an ERC20 based token and can be stored in any of the ethereum compatible wallets like mist, metamask, myetherwallet, blockchain wallet etc., Stellar gold provides users with world’s fastest money transaction yet absolutely safe with the lowest fee.You can use Stellar gold for paying various crypto miners who are considered legit. It makes a distinguishable factor between the genuine mining sites and fake mining sites. This also provides a key breakthrough in the cryptocurrency field.It is easier for the mining sites to get genuine customers. Hence it brings smile on everyone. Unlike other digital currencies Stellar gold is not only designed to become an digital currency that can meet the highest advanced technology but also become the friendly digital cash and can be easily used by anyone.

Stellar gold is a platform for the future of conversion of crypto to fiat easily. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. This project has a very good concept and prospect. I fully support this project, because it has good foresight and futuristic views. This will be good. Great project and amazing. The team behind the development of this token is one of the best for today, the real professionals of their business.


About Team
The team of Stellar Gold is up to build a secure, useful, as well as easy-to-use product based on private blockchain which will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system such that at the end, every user of this platform will be able to convert crypto currencies without any conversion cost like no deposit and withdrawal. The token is symbolize as XMLG.
Platforms for cryptocurrencies conversion and or exchanges are stereotype in nature, there is no all round or encompassing solution for cryptocurrencies conversion. This is the gap that Stellar Gold has filled in.
Stellar Gold is a reliable platform for future cryptocurrencies conversion which will enable or aid easy conversion to fiat.

Why should use StellarGold ?
Fast Transaction: Over the Stellar Network happens the quickest exchanges ever expand on the Blockchain. 2 ~ 5 seconds and your instalment will be on your wallet. An exchange on the system comprises of at least one tasks.Instalments, offers, and charges are on the whole instances of tasks that could make up a solitary In the event that such a large number of exchanges are submitted, nodes propose the exchanges with the most noteworthy expenses for the record’s exchange set. The result is simply 0.00001 XLM expense on the general system. Not exactly both Ethereum and Bitcoin and with likewise a vastly improved exchange speed.

Stellar Gold features;

• Saves Time
• Guarantees security
• Gives solution to worldwide transactions without limitation.
• User-friendly
• No conversion cost during deposit and withdrawals
• Scalability: 1000 activities per second

It is a multi-dimensional solution approach offered by a team of experts.
According to me after read all the paper of this project, can assure very soon this project will fly on high.

Vision of this platform is -Move Money Across Borders Quickly and Conversion of Crypto into Any International Fiat.


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