Stellero, the Digital Securities Underwriting

Great Projects keep popping out with new technologies in Blockchain Cryptocurrency Space. Today am going to focus my topic on a very inspiring and huge Potential Project named Stellero . Stellero conducts all its activities ranging from capital security and financing implementing legal procedures. Liquid assets are being tokenized with the use of Smart Contract in Stellero Platform . This Company has launched an innovative investment with the issuance of Digital securities.
Stellero also act as a bridge between traditional financial market and the Digital securities which is backed by blockchain technologies. Stellero has taken an upper hand in the Global fiancial market , they have partnered with some top Global investment funds and financial institutions in other to improve integration of both entities.

Stellero is a reputable and recognized financial distributor , Underwriter .If you are an Entrepreneur, Start Up ,or an Asset owner ,Stellero stands firm to be your home of trust , financial distributor and underwriter. Stellero Team of professionals is there to help all potential investors with whatever they need to be part of the industry.

Within Stellero Ecosystem, a total ownership right is being granted to the investors and entitlement to company revenue sharing. Stellero stands to assist individuals, Owners of Real Estate, Equity funds (Private) and the innovative Startup in the event of capital raising for the operation of their businesses and as well issuing asset Bakced Digital security which is backed by the Properties or asset of the persons, entity.In this case, all potential investors will have to undergo KYC and AML before they could get Stellerio Digital assets.As recommended by the ESMA regulation Europe investors , be it accredited and retail can participate in sale of the digital shares after successful passing the KYC .

Why Investing in Stellero ?

Stellero Underlying Technology is the first Underwriter and financial distributor aims to spearhead disruption in the Digital securities industry, they will ensure all companies are fully meeting up with the conditions of regulatory jurisdictions .They made Provision of Blockchain Powereed Platform with Smart Contract which is regulatory Compliance mandating KYC and AML , Adopting the innovative tokenomics strategy the Cyber security audit and more.
Potential of Security tokens : There is long term profit strategy ,professional system of management and distribution and lastly effective revenue model.
Stellero Token Sales
Ticker : STRO
Supply Total : 8,000,000
Currencies accepted : USD, EUR ,ETH,BTC
Date of Main Sale : June -01 to June 14 ,2019
End of Main Sale : June 15th to August -15th, 2019
Softcap : 500,000 EUR
Hard Cap: 5,000,000 EUR
Minimum purchase : 500 EUR
Max Purchase : 100,000 EUR
Price:0.86 EUR

Final thought,
From my own point of view , i feel Stellero will perform wonderfully well . Accessing their Proprietary artificial intelligence and Predictive analytics .Stellero Provide full financial distribution service in investment and management of assets , also serves as underwriter the digital securities which are ASSET BACKED. As an asset owners , business startup or entrepreneur , stellero stands to be there in every undertaking be it financial distributor or underwriter. There are some official links below which can give you more detailed information about this prestigious project.
For further inquiry, refer to the official links below

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