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Cryptocurrencies continue the victorious March on our planet, gaining more and more favor of the world community. Cryptocurrency quotes update previous highs almost every year, attracting both professionals and newcomers to the world of the digital industry. Cryptocurrency is a more alternative and modernized solution than usual for us Fiat funds. Blockchain has a number of advantages over traditional systems, everything is extremely transparent and honest, the implementation of transfers is much faster, you do not need to wait for a long time to confirm transactions, there are no intermediaries, the blockchain protects against all sorts of frauds, all this makes the Blockchain technology more attractive than the traditional banking system. In addition, transactions on the blockchain network are anonymous. Decentralized blockchain technology despite the 10th anniversary is still in the early stages of its formation.

The potential for development is enormous, this technology can be applied absolutely in any sphere of activity of real sectors of the economy, such as health, education, small and medium-sized businesses, and so on. In General, Blockchain technology is able to completely change our world and modernize the main institutions, shaking the entire global financial system, global changes in which last occurred in the 18th century when the gold standard was abolished. People begin to realize that the existing economy has long outlived its usefulness and requires immediate modernization, the world is ready for a coup and I have no doubt that the blockchain will create the economy of the future in the coming years. Today let’s talk about blockchain project STELLERRO that can assist in bringing together two eras and modernize the banking and financial-investment activity. All this will be possible thanks to innovative technologies and security tokens, which represent something like the company’s shares, with which the blockchain will be able to enter deeper into the financial structure and take root in it, attracting new investors and ordinary people who want to make money on investments in digital assets.

Stellerro is an alternative automated investment banking platform that will provide high liquidity of digital assets. The main goal of the project is to popularize and scale the blockchain industry by creating a solid Foundation for the development of the investment digital economy with the help of unique algorithms and a symbiosis of advanced technological solutions that can fully show the world community the superiority of the digital blockchain model over the outdated traditional investment systems.

Stellerro has already teamed up with a number of the world’s leading financial institutions and investment funds to implement all its plans. All these partnerships are necessary for maximum integration of the ecosystem into the masses, creating a bridge between the market of traditional Finance and distributed Ledger technology. Regardless of your type of activity and financial condition, Stellerro is ready to think for You and increase your well-being. Stellerro is an automated brain that is able to infinitely scale and modernize the blockchain industry, bringing new capital to the markets of the digital industry.

**The company is founded and officially registered at the address: 73 Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel **

Stellerro operates on its own patented token sale technology (STO) and already has a ready-made platform solution for user registration. Sellerro also has ready-made partnerships with venture funds, various legal cantors and serious people from the world of Finance, who adhere to strict rules in accordance with all the canons of KYC, AML and accreditation procedures. The market will be entered mainly as B2B, i.e. business for business and B2C — business for customers. .

According to the research, by 2022 more than 12% of the world GDP will be digitized products and traded on the blockchain. The investment company Stellerro is preparing for this and creates a gateway for the most convenient and quick entry into the digital market as experienced in the field of blockchain technologies of the masses, and beginners. With the launch of tokenized securities, this company will become a universal intermediary between the banking sector and the world of cryptocurrencies, opening the gates for the entire world community to enter the digital era of Finance.

Already today, anyone can become a shareholder of STELLERRO, buying security tokens and in combination the main coin of the ecosystem — STRO, this is the standard ERC-1400. These tokens are more secure because they are controlled by regulators, that is, the Scam will not pass. STO will begin today, i.e. 16.06.19 and will end 16.08.19.

A powerful advantage of the project is belonging to the European securities and market authority ESMA. This organization monitors the consistency and compliance with the rules in the markets, and further regulation is carried out by the regulators of a particular country. It follows that by placing shares in one country, they can be made legal in the chain and in all other States of the European Union. Another of the most powerful factors contributing to the growing popularity of Stellerro security tokens is process automation. All these technical and legal nuances you can read in the white paper of the project.

Stellerro can serve as a powerful impetus to the growing popularity of digital assets around the world, making investing in digital assets an easy and reliable way to increase their investment for every inhabitant of the Earth. All this can put the blockchain industry on a higher level, creating favorable conditions for institutional investors to enter the cryptocurrency market and purchase digital coins of the same popularity and degree of distribution among the masses as Fiat funds. The project has a highly qualified team of specialists with extensive experience, reliable partners and clearly set goals. In General, the project is quite interesting and promising, for a more detailed review, I advise you to follow the links below.

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