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Stoby is the principal work platform specifically focusing on the understudy network, totally re-examining and improving the manner in which understudies discover employments. Stoby pitches leisure time to occupied individuals and gives understudies the chance to profit by extra salary. We are the principal work platform specifically focusing on the understudy network, totally reconsidering and rearranging the manner in which understudies discover occupations. With the ICO, we are bringing Blockchain technology on our P2P platform to guarantee straightforwardness, trust, and detect ability. Paid in tokens (STB), understudies will acquire increasingly and have the capacity to spend their income on grounds and with accomplices. At last, we are building a system of a large number of understudies accumulated around a solid network and a remarkable cash, the STB.

While then again people of the purported senior administrators class, speaking to individuals entrenched in their expert life, have minimal extra time and attempt to free themselves from numerous standard errands, for example, housekeeping, creature care, school bolster, distribute, etc with the end goal to invest more energy with their family and for recreation.

From that perception joined with the rise of the community economy and the computerized world, new sorts of work on the boondocks of wage work are coming up.

Surely, the community oriented economy has truly been blasting in Europe over the most recent couple of years. The quantity of exchanges in the five fundamental divisions of the European cooperative economy to be specific back, settlement, transport, human and social administrations to people and organizations could be increased by 20 of every 10 years and achieve 570 billion euros by 2025 contrasted and barely 28 billion euros today. As 85% of this esteem is caught by people, the synergistic platforms turnover should reach 83 billion euros by 2025 contrasted and 4 billion today, as indicated by the PWC’s review and counselling firm most recent assessments.


Stoby’s main goal is to give all its help to an ideal organization of the token in the understudy condition.

Our job will be to encourage its entrance and trade, both on and outside the platform.

In the coming years, we will endeavour to impart and make associations with various understudy associations for them to acknowledge and re-utilize our token.



The topic of time is fundamental at Stoby : we offer leisure time to people for them to approach their day by day business. This is our incentive.


” The first of human rights is singular opportunity, opportunity of property, opportunity of thought, opportunity of work ” said Jean Jaurès. At Stoby, understudies make the most of their opportunity of work and people make the most of their own individual opportunity.


Trust is the cornerstone of our idea, both between the platform clients and towards Stoby. With every one of the apparatuses that we make accessible to our clients, we attempt to set up the most ideal relationship of trust among people and understudies.


We give a total detect ability of the understudies’ missions foundation and execution. Straightforwardness will be decentralized and ensured when we move on the blockchain.

Stoby Ecosystem:

The Jobbing Market

Supplement of pay, understudy work, summer work, shared help or genuine direction for living, jobbing is doing great. This wonder would have risen in France in spring 2013 with the dispatch of about six destinations in fourteen days.

Supported by the cooperative economy advancement, platforms of administrations between people have been prospering on the net since 2013 and Jobijoba decodes the prevailing fashion of French individuals for jobbing with a first report on this theme. Jobijoba in this manner broke down a million online offers on its webpage in April 2017. Commercials for odd employments paid on a vocation or mission premise added up to about 5% of all online activity offers, in other words, 46 855 advertisements !

Platforms of administrations to people appear to be ready to accomplish the quickest development, with an expanding turnover of about 30% every year until 2025. The Technology of this part is invigorated by another age of purchasers, who are progressively utilizing on-request administrations to meet the incidental needs of regular day to day existence, for example, FoodChéri (conveyance of Chef’s suppers at home) or AlloVoisins (ex ILokYou – rental of gear and administrations between people).


In Stoby’s shop, the STB tokens will be utilized straightforwardly on the platform to approach offers and administrations identified with the occupations. On our shop, people will have the chance to purchase or lease a few items comparing to the accessible administrations on the platform. Installments in STB tokens will empower to get decreases in the cost of the sold items.

For instance, a puppy proprietor will have the capacity to purchase another chain on the site. Or on the other hand a couple that moves can lease a hand-truck on the platform for the understudy who works with them.

Why pay with STB tokens ?

Financial specialists in STB tokens will have the chance to profit by focused rates when obtaining those items. Quick conveyance.


Token name: Stoby Token

Token symbol: STB

STB rate per €: 5 STB

€ rate per STB: 0,20 €

Maximum number of tokens generated (total supply): 25 000 000 STB

Soft cap: 2 400 000 STB

Date of crowdsale start: End of 2018

Date of crowdsale end: End of 2018


Jurisdiction of insurance: FRANCE


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