You couldn’t write off the importance of libraries regardless of how much you tried.

Libraries have in times and years gone acted as a solid point of reference for learning. a lot, if not all development has come from a good use of libraries. They bridge the gap of learning for persons from various regions traditions, drives and goals. They have also played key roles in the development of even national and worldwide economies.

Libraries did come as physical structures with loads of books and files of various forms and contents. Users could walk in and get access to what they are looking for. But today, we have gone more digital with the Internet offering us a wider reach with numerous online libraries. Here one can get an access to numerous files electronically, and with much ease. That’s the beauty of the internet

In the view of this digitalization, the Files.fmis building through the blockchain a much more semi-decentralized and easy to access online library that would make a massive shift from the regular ways of keeping and accessing files.

With the verification of useful value system, users can easily get access to valuable information and also be able to upload valuable information to the library from anywhere in the world. This is the through the power of the internet and decentralization.

No alt text provided for this image is aiming to build the largest advanced record library in the world through a public support system that will give users a sense of belonging as they can help people from other countries, region, races, by providing them with valuable information in a decentralized way. This way, i can be somewhere here in the far middle east and upload data that could be useful to someone in far far Africa.

With the, documents of various formats can be transferred for use by different people through a peer-to-peer system. These documents will be verified for originality, copyrights, or compatibility. Verification is done to protect data thefts.

You see, considering that there a lot of valuable data flying about in the world today, it’s surprising that we still operate file sharing solutions through the use of a centralised systems. There are just a few who operate through a decentralized system. The problems with these centralized exchanges are that while they work just fine for private data sharing with just a few friends and family, they tend to disappoint when you target a much bigger audience. The issues of limits to how many people can get access to download, file size limits, high fees, speed of download etc begin to come up. This is why the tries to resolve these issues by creating a system that combines a community of people and the blockchain. This is a hybrid system of files sharing. Creating a solution using artificial intelligence and blockchain to securely share files. The ultramodern library.


Since the platform is a full P2P system where people can buy and sell data, it then requires a high level of transparency. This is why FFM token will be the transparent indigenous currency of the platform. All transactions and interactions, fees, payments will be made through the token. The token also provides a high sense of belonging for users, creators, and consumers.

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