Central Human Problems in the Story Industry and the Need for Decentralization


Storichain is a project that provides partially distributed dApp applications and general protocols to solve story industry problems using the blockchain property. “Primary industry” refers to industries that use the source of “stories” for their products and cover fields such as film, drama, web novels, web drama, drama, musicals, and radio programs.

Storichain can be seen as a digital asset management system that allows people to shop online with unreliable people by “making agreements to prevent theft of ideas”. Another problem in the industry is the profit distribution. For example, the webtoon industry, one of the largest plot-based industries in Korea, has surpassed the $ 700 million market, but there are still many people who suspect that the industry and many materials are being distributed. Content creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.

Storichain began by setting a benchmark for the story foundation, which ultimately wanted to reduce trust among participants in the story industry – writers, production companies and readers. In this way, Storichain makes source material more transparent for the process of creating derivative works, decides on industrial injustice, and creates new values.

Why Story Industries Need Blockchain

What is the story industry?
This refers to narrative-based media industries such as film, drama and webtoons. The role of distributors in the current story industry is positive because it is responsible for efforts to provide end consumers with optimal benefits from secondary work.

However, how many benefits will screenwriters enjoy from the 10 million films seen? How many ordinary readers benefit from reading and responding to original novels? How often is “excess revenue” distributed to the original author when the original story is sold as a secondary copyright?

The problem of distributing excess revenue only happened yesterday or today, but we believe that this can’t happen again tomorrow.

Now we need fair distribution & allocation for the authors who created the story, which are source material for the media additive industry, which amounts to 130 trillion won in the future.

Meanwhile, it is very difficult to reliably collect notarized quantitative data, which can be used as a basis for distribution.

The time has come for us to try to measure “creation contribution data” more accurately through DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and provide compensation to storytellers before the sale of copyright. Furthermore, if you can make a story IP (intellectual property) as an asset, raise funds with your story IP and track core contribution data from its creation, then it will soon become a completely new lifestyle with two different fields – creative activities and investment techniques turn out to be simple

The storichain project aims to explore and develop “stories” as a kind of intellectual property. The history industry can be defined as an industry that includes storytellers and activities that use stories created for various purposes. In 2014, storytelling identified industries that create added value through products and companies based on research, discovery, planning, development, creation, dissemination and dissemination of stories, which are seen as sources of imagination and creativity.

Storichain does not keep the original text of the story on the blockchain. This is because Storichain considers contributions in the creation and transactional phases as well as the transfer of ownership of stories more than text / graph data from the story itself.

Storichain feature


optimized for creators of
Co-work / Co-write / Contracts between authors, weekly Compensation and APIs for third-party content provider companies

Easy to use

Anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story.
Easy and fast writing platform.

Matching pair

Author Match / Collaboration / Job Statistics Agreement / Update Notification / Complete Commission Create

Participate in

Platform for readers to participate in work, become their own writers, make stories, and participate in them


Platform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.

Platform Global

Global platforms that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion

Metaphor about Eco

Narrative SNS for Everyone

  • A space where everyone can post  secret situations into a story  with the protection of personal information
  • Refunds are available for unread components! Scene based reactions, sharing, rating, recommendations
  • Your contribution to reading for creation is also based on your reaction!
  • Cut-in Talk  : comments between actors
  • Prizes if adopted after giving an episode of personal life to a writer
  • Copyright income distribution as the Growth Index grows 
  • Animation Viewer for readers. Crypto-Actor Changing feature!

Optimized for
Pro Authors

  • Professional creative tool for creating / distributing video scripts, webtoons, web novels, and interactive storage
  • Function to upload illustrations for illustrator monetization
  • Creation progress, the latest variations in contributions, and story growth charts
  • Team agreements between collaborative authors (translators, illustrators, acoustics, author assistants), Smart NDA Copyright Protection, Plagiarism Detection
  • Pre-Built Smart Contract – Contract Framework Kit for income distribution based on the level of participants’ contributions

Fundraising & Global Business

  • Funding for video production / publishing
  • IP of the story of trade through growth charts measured by participants’ contributions
  • Gateway, a beginner writer through the Contesting Menu
  • Distribution and completion of cryptocurrency based coupons

Fundraising & Global Business

  • Funding for video production / publishing
  • IP of the story of trade through growth charts measured by participants’ contributions
  • Gateway, a beginner writer through the Contesting Menu
  • Distribution and completion of cryptocurrency based coupons

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