About Storichain

Storichain is a DApp and storytellers agreement protocol that create stories, distribute and manage story IPs. It is also a protocol that provides a contract for story creation contracts. Users can change their positions in the story chain ecosystem as writers, producers, and readers, and participate in story creation before they are published as individual media such as movies, dramas, cartoons, and games.

Also, if you can get a reward for the weekly contribution of the user before the sale of the copyright, and if the story you participated in is sold for the second production, such as publishing, video, etc., DApp) and Etherium as the main network.


Optimized: optimized for creators Co-work/Co-write/ Contract between writers, Weekly ompensation and APIs for 3rd party contens providing company

Easy-Use: Anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. An easy and fast writing platform.
Matching Partner: Writer Matching / Collaboration Agreements / Job Statistics / Update Notifications / Create Detailed Comme
Participating in: Platform for readers to participate in works, become writers themselves, create stories, and participate in them
Transparent: A platform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.
Global Platform: A global platform that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion


Open story

  • A space where everyone can publish confidential situations in history with the protection of personal information
  • Refunds can be made for unread components! Scene Reaction, Exchange, Assessment, Recommendation
  • Your deep reading contribution is also based on your reaction!
  • Cut-in Talk: comments between actors
  • Remuneration if taken after giving an episode of privacy to the author
  • The distribution of copyright income is in line with the growth of the index
  • Animation Viewer for readers. Crypto-Actor Change feature!

Pro story

  • Creative professional tools for making / distributing video scripts, web cartoons, web novels, and interactive stories
  • Illustration download feature for illustrator monetization
  • Creation progress, the latest variations in contributions, and story growth charts
  • Group agreements between collaborators (translators, illustrators, acoustics, assistants), NDA Smart Copyright protection, plagiarism detection
  • Smart contracts made in advance – the contract template for profit sharing is based on the contribution rate

Competition and trade stories

  • Finance video production / publishing
  • The history of IP trading through growth charts, measured by participants’ contributions
  • Gateway, a beginner writer through the Menu Contest
  • Distribution and calculation of coupons based on crypto currencies

Main sheets and menu

  • Pro Stori: a menu for professional writers
  • Open Stori: a menu for making social histories of all those who share stories with their narratives.
  • Stori Contesting: competitive menu for amateur writers and influential marketers
  • Stori Trading: Shopping and Sales Menu with Intellectual Property Stories
  • Stori Funding: a menu for fundraisers to produce additional works, such as films, web cartoons, etc.

The team



More information

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