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Storichain is a project that provides partially decentralized dApp applications and general protocols to solve story industry problems using blockchain characteristics. The “story industry” refers to industries that use “stories” as the source of their products and cover fields such as film, drama, web novels, web drama, drama, musicals and radio shows.

Storichain can be seen as a digital historical asset management system that allows people to make online transactions even with unreliable people by entering into “agreements to prevent theft of ideas”. Another problem in industry is the problem of profit sharing. For example, the webtoon industry, which is one of the largest plot-based industries in Korea, has surpassed $ 700 million in market size, but there are still many who doubt the structure of profit sharing in the industry, as well as in many materials. Content creators still have difficulty getting enough compensation for their work.

Storichain began by placing the base value of tokens on story creation, which ultimately wanted to reduce the cost of trust among participants in the story industry – writers, production companies, and readers. In this way, Storichain will make the process of creating derivative works from source material more transparent, decide the injustices that exist in the industry and create new values.

The Storichain Project aims to explore and develop “stories” as a type of intellectual property. The story industry can be defined as an industry that includes the work of making stories and actions that use stories created for different purposes. In 2014, Story Stories identified industries that created added value through products and companies based on research, discovery, planning, development, creation, dissemination and transmission of stories that were seen as sources of imagination and creativity.

Storichain does not store original textual history data on the blockchain. This is due to the fact that Storichain takes into account the contributions made at the stage of manufacture and transaction, and transfers the ownership of history more than text / graph data from the story itself. In fact, nothing can prevent someone from distributing text content, because all he has to do is take a picture of his monitor and distribute it to where he wants it. So, instead of just preventing such actions, Storichain considered it more important to prove the value of the author’s efforts, systematically measuring who contributed to history, when and how they contributed, how ownership was transferred, and how much each Creator contributed to history in the event collaboration.


Storichain calls this data “activity metrics”. Because activity metrics are used to distribute profits accumulated by history, activity metrics cannot be faked or manipulated. In addition, performance indicators are also used as a basis for calculating the growth index, which is used to determine the main asset value of a story. This will be the basis for profit distribution.

Storichain follows blockchain technology, which provides trust between participants and extends its borders to unexpected areas. The Blockchain provides trust beyond boundaries and ideology, helping many industries simplify the problems they faced in the past and offer new solutions. Storichain seeks to embed the blockchain into the storyline industry to create a world where all participants can be satisfied by taking part in responsibility. To apply this philosophy step by step, the company has now accurately identified current industry problems to find new solutions.


  • A space where everyone can post secret situations into a story with the protection of personal information
  • Refunds are available for unread components! Scene based reactions, sharing, rating, recommendations
  • Your contribution to reading for creation is also based on your reaction!
  • Cut-in Talk: comments among the actors
  • Prizes if adopted after giving an episode of personal life to a writer
  • Copyright income distribution as the Growth Index grows
  • Animation Viewer for readers. Crypto-Actor Changing feature!


  • Professional creative tool for creating / distributing video scripts, webtoons, web novels, and interactive storage
  • Function to upload illustrations for illustrator monetization
  • Creation progress, the latest variations in contributions, and story growth charts
  • Team agreements between collaborative authors (translators, illustrators, acoustics, author assistants), Smart NDA Copyright Protection, Plagiarism Detection
  • Pre-Built Smart Contract – Contract Framework Kit for income distribution based on the level of participants’ contributions


  • Funding for video production / publishing
  • IP of the story of trade through growth charts measured by participants’ contributions
  • Gateway, a novice writer through the Contesting Menu
  • Distribution and completion of cryptocurrency based coupons

Dapps YOU & Menus

  • Pro Stori: a menu for professional writers
  • Open Stori: a menu for creating social stories for all those who share their life stories into narration.
  • Stori Contesting: a contest menu for amateur writers and marketers who influence
  • Trading Stori: menu to buy & sell with Intellectual Property story
  • Stori Funding: a menu for raising production funds to produce secondary works such as films, webtoons, etc.

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