STORICHAIN: A Revolution in Storytelling Industry


I have a good news for storytelling industry, it is news about how a platform called Storichain has came up to revolutionize and decentralized the storytelling industry i.e they are introducing blockchain into the system in order to decentralized the ecosystem.

I believe we all know what I mean by “storytelling industry”? For the sake of more understanding, I will tell us what storytelling industry is all about because I don’t want anybody to miss out the exciting things Storichain is about to do for the industry.


Storytelling industry are groups of individuals or organizations that compose story to make their end product. The groups of people that falls into this category are dramas, webtoons, web novels, musicals, plays, movies and so on. This people creates story to entertain us. Now I believe everyone must have grab where am heading to?


In the storytelling industry, it comprises the creator, the distributor, and the consumers. In the previous system at which this industry is operating, there is no smooth connection between the writers and the consumers (readers). The system has not been fair to the writers nor the readers, rather the distributors seems to always enjoy the larger share. Writers most time do a job and the distributor monetize it without compensating the writers. The distributor on their are facing their challenges too; the medium and channels they used in distributing products to the final consumers is encouraging.


All the mentioned challenges above brought the mindset of revolutionizing the industry which Storichain has the answer.




Storichain is a decentralized platform catering for affairs of storytelling industry; it is decentralized dApp application platform created with an aim to solve the challenges facing the storytelling industry using blockchain technology. Simply put, Storichain is a digital platform piloting the management of storytelling industry.


Storichain is creating a platform that will permit  fair distribution of entitlement starting from the story writers, to be distributors and the readers. In Storichain, writers will be allocated with all his entitlement as the creator, the distributors will be easily connected to customers, and the readers will be rewarded for consuming. The technology that will make all these viable is blockchain (a distributed ledger technology) and that is what Storichain is incorporating right away.




  • Storichain is creating an avenue where people could create assets value from storytelling


  • Storichain is working to make sure there is fair communication between the writers and the readers


  • Storichain is creating a medium where writer’s will be fully compensated for his efforts and readers will be rewarded for reading those stories


  • Storichain is working to make sure the distributors does not pay huge revenue before he will be able to distribute those products.


Feature of Storichain


Storichain is a platform that aims to optimize the efforts of storytellers by compensating them directly or being compensated from third party.


Storichain is a platform that will make it easy for whosoever that want to create a story to do it in an easy and fast way.


Storichain platform will create more opportunities, more jobs and matching partners to the needed body.


Storichain is the most secure and transparent platform to rewards all the components of storytelling industry fair and equally.


Storichain is a global platform, therefore users of the platform will get connected globally and this will directly and indirectly expands individuals storytelling business.




The platform has tokenize the industry for easy dealing of the related business. The platform native token is termed ‘TORI’, it is an utility token and it will serve as the fuel driving the platform. Storytellers will earn TORI token for their contribution, while the readers will be able to get a story product they want with the TORI token.


The platform is currently selling the token to interested individuals at various exchange i.e probit, bw exchange which has been sold out. You can only get TORI token from tokenbank now:




Token: TORI

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Price1 TORI = 0.0034 USD

Tokens for sale: 600,000,000 TORI




Storichain is a decentralized application and storytellers agreement protocol that pilots the affairs of creating stories, distributing of stories and managing of stories internet protocol (IPs). The Storichain platform will be incorporated with a smart contracts which will make all the components of storytelling industry do business with each other. Storichain permits people to create a story, participates in it and get weekly reward for the contribution before the copyright will be sold out.














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