STORICHAIN-Handler Of Story Industry Issues Utilizing The Qualities Of The Blockchain



Storichain is an undertaking that gives incompletely decentralized Dapp applications and general conventions to take care of story industry issues utilizing blockchain qualities. The “story business” alludes to enterprises that utilization “stories” as the wellspring of their items and spread fields, for example, film, dramatization, web books, web dramatization, dramatization, musicals and radio shows.

Storichain can be viewed as a computerized verifiable resource the executives framework that enables individuals to make online exchanges even with individuals who can’t be depended on by going into “understandings to avoid burglary of thoughts”. Another issue in the business is benefit sharing. For instance, the webtoon business, which is one of the biggest plot-based enterprises in Korea, has surpassed $ 700 million in market measure, yet there are as yet numerous who uncertainty the benefit sharing structure in the business, just as in numerous materials. Content makers still experience issues getting enough remuneration for their work.

Storichain started by putting a base worth token on story creation, which at last needed to lessen the expense of trust among members in the story business – authors, generation organizations, and perusers. Along these lines, Storichain will make the way toward making subordinate works from source material increasingly straightforward, choose the treacheries that exist in the business and make new qualities.


This alludes to the media business dependent on stories, for example, movies, shows and web kid’s shows.

The job of the delegate in the cutting edge story industry positively affects the end client of the ideal advantages of optional work.

In any case, what advantages did the screenwriter get from the 10 million film appears?

What number of advantages does the normal peruser from perusing a unique novel and answer it?

How regularly does “overabundance pay” happen?

Just yesterday or today there was an issue with the dispersion of abundance pay, yet tomorrow we may not return.

Presently we need reasonable appropriation and conveyance for essayists who make stories, which are source material for the added substance media industry, and which later on will be 130 trillion won.

In the meantime, it is hard to all in all affirm quantitative information that can be utilized as a reason for dispersal.

Commitment of information for the production of increasingly precise gifts to DLT (innovation appropriated books) and giving pay to storytellers to the clearance of copyright.

Moreover, on the off chance that you can make the historical backdrop of IP (licensed innovation) a benefit, gather an establishment with your very own history and make a really new way of life unique in relation to the others.

Capacity chain work

1. Streamlined

Streamlined for Collaboration/co-creator/contract producers between creators, week by week grants, and APIs for outsider substance suppliers

2. Simple to utilize.

I need to talk anyplace, whenever.

Simple and quick composition stage.

3. Marry

Writer Completion/Collaboration/Contract Work Statement/Update/Writing Notification Completed

4. Support

Stage where perusers can take an interest in work, become authors, make stories, and take part

5. Straightforward

A stage that gives reasonable and straightforward remuneration to members.

6. Stage

Worldwide stage that can be secured by interpretation, deal or copyright for worldwide extension


A space where everybody can distribute secret circumstances in history with the security of individual data

Discounts can be made for new segments! Scene Reaction, Exchange, Assessment, Recommendation

Your profound perusing commitment is likewise founded on your response!

Cut-in Talk: remarks between on-screen characters

Compensation whenever taken in the wake of giving a scene of protection to the creator

The appropriation of copyright pay is in accordance with the development of the record

Liveliness Viewer for perusers. Crypto-Actor Change include!


Innovative expert instruments for making/appropriating video contents, web kid’s shows, web books, and intuitive stories

Representation download highlight for artist adaptation

Creation advance, the most recent varieties in commitments, and story development outlines

Gathering understandings between partners (interpreters, artists, acoustics, aides), NDA Smart Copyright assurance, written falsification identification

Shrewd contracts made ahead of time – the agreement format revenue driven sharing depends on the commitment rate


Money video generation/distributing

The historical backdrop of IP exchanging through development outlines, estimated by members’ commitments

Portal, an amateur author through the Menu Contest

Appropriation and figuring of coupons dependent on digital forms of money


Master Stori: a menu for expert authors

Open Stori: a menu for making social accounts of every one of the individuals who offer stories with their stories.

Stori Contesting: aggressive menu for beginner scholars and persuasive advertisers

Stori Trading: Shopping and Sales Menu with Intellectual Property Stories

Stori Funding: a menu for pledge drives to create extra works, for example, films, web kid’s shows, and so forth.

Features of STORICHAIN

Coordinated effort/joint account/contract between creators, week by week repayment and API for outsider challenge supplier organizations


Whenever, anyplace you need to recount to a story.


Creator Compliance/Collaboration Agreement/Job Statistics/Renewal Notifications/Making Commission Details

Profound support

A stage for crafted by perusers, turning into an essayist himself, making stories and taking part in them


Stage that energizes reasonable and straightforward members dependent on their information.

Stage worldwide

Worldwide stage that can be deciphered, sold, or even ensured by copyright for worldwide extension.





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