Storichain is a global project that provides a partially decentralized dApp

Hello, crypto and the beloved blockchain Today I will explain the The Blockchain Storichain, see well, take a little your time. Storichain is realy Good program! I am happy to be able to partner with this project. Besides that I saw a team that was very reliable and experienced in managing this project. I am sure this project will bring great success later and I will always support this project. this project has a strong team, which has experience for future development, this is a good project for investment.


Storichain is a global project that provides a partially decentralized dApp and a shared protocol for the story industry to solve the problems of the story industry through blockchain characteristics. The term ‘Story Industry’ refers to the industry which uses ‘stories’ as a source of their products and includes areas such as movies, dramas, web novels, web dramas, plays, musicals, and radio dramas.

Currently, the market size of the global digital content industry is nearing 1.4490 trillion (1) and is predicted to maintain a high 10% growth rate for the next 5 years to reach the $2.4 trillion mark in 2021. In the case of South Korea, the market size is about 14.5 trillion KRW.

Feature of Storichain

Optimized: for creators Co-work/Co-write/ Contract between writers, Weekly ompensation and APIs for 3rd party contens providing company.

Easy-Use: Anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. An easy and fast writing platform.

Matching Partner: Writer Matching / Collaboration Agreements / Job Statistics / Update Notifications.

Participating in: Platform for readers to participate in works, become writers themselves, create stories, and participate in them.

Transparent: A platform that rewards participants fairly and transparently based on their contributions.

Global Platform: A global platform that can be translated, marketed, or even copyrighted for global expansion.

Metaphor of Eco

Narrative SNS for Everyone


-A space where anyone can post a secret situation into a story with the protection of personal information

-Refunds are available for unread parts! Reaction by scene, sharing, rating, recommendation

-Your deep-reading contribution to creation is also based on your reaction!

-Cut-in Talk : a comment between the actors’ lines

-Reward if adopted after providing a personal life episode to a writer

-Distribution of copyright revenues as story Growth Index grows

-Animating Viewer for readers. Crypto-Actor Changing feature!

Optimized for Pro Writers


-Professional creative tools for creating/distributing video scripts, webtoons, web novels, and interactive storie

-An illustration upload function for monetization of illustrator.

-Creation progress, latest contribution variation, and story growth graphs.

-Team agreement between collaborative writers (translators, illustrators, acoustics, assistant writers), Smart NDA Copyright Protection, Plagiarism Detection.

-Pre Built Smart Contract – Contract Template Kits for revenue distribution based on participants’ contributions rate.

Fund-Raising & Global Business


-Funding for production video/publishing.

-Trade story IP through growth graphs measured by participant contributions.

-Gateway, a rookie writer through Contesting Menu.

-Distribution and settlement of cryptocurrency-based coupons.

Trusted Reward based on Narrative Storytelling


-Pro Stori : a menu for professional writers.

-Open Stori : a social story creation menu for everyone who share their life stories into narrative.

-Contesting Stori : a contesting menu for amateur writers and influencing marketer.

-Trading Stori : a menu to buy & sell with story Intellectual Property.

-Funding Stori : a menu for production fundraiser to produce secondary works such as movies, webtoons, etc.

Self-Interview with Team Storichain

“Anyone can be the creator and investor of the story!”

Why did we get to do this project?

1. In the aspect of : Identical: Because I’ve been working on a movie and I’ve been feeling a real problem.

2. Industryally: The film industry’s middleman excess profits do not fall on writers and audiences.

3. Technically: I want to make a breakthrough in the way we create our own work.

What problem are we trying to solve?

1. Original writers tangled with unfair secondary copyright contracts.

2. Production companies that deal with the risks of writers (such as payment for writing) that are uncertain).

3.Production companies who can’t find a way to resell idle story rights.

4.Production companies that go for funding based on scenarios with no quantitative data.

5.The problem of delaying the payment of writing fees between writers and producers.

6.Distribution of Revenue Between Collaborative Writers.

7.Storing contributions without falsification when creating collaboration.

8.Ordinary people were unable to invest in the early stage of scenario development such as movie/drama : Middlemen won’t open the room and Open it to the public and it’s a matter of transparency and complexity.

Why blockchain?

For us, “Rewarding” is NOT the core of blockchain business.Have we not been able to do business because we cannot give users mileage or membership points?Specifically in the Story Industry -The key is whether we can lower the cost of checking trust, lower the cost of checking rights of things to trade.- Lee Junes (Founder of Storichain).

Have a nice day.

Enjoy Writing, Get Reward!



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Business Proposal

Storichain Official English

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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