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StreamPay is an appropriated stage for corporate customers, in light of decentralized blockchain innovation. The task is gone for giving dependable contracts and circulating dispersed bookkeeping books to make articles that are executed in scholarly contracts. The stage is particularly valuable for organizations, as it encourages them track the development of merchandise utilizing an installment application for the StreamPay deals operator to follow data gave on the QR codes of the item.

The STPY marker depends on the decentralized standard “Ethereum” standard ERC20 token. Framed in the square anchor and subject to programmed execution when foreordained criteria and occasions happen and under specific conditions, STPY marks are legitimate boundless and are the property of their particular proprietors.

StreamPay O and Uuml; is a constrained risk organization in Estonia and enlisted as per the enactment of the European Union. It is liable to review based on best practices in the market as per the European tenets, hence guaranteeing full straightforwardness and supreme responsibility for all exercises in Estonia, including the production of complete organization reports. Estonia was picked for its good atmosphere of computerized development, including electronic inhabitant.

Token STPY gives its proprietors extraordinary item points of interest, including expanded prizes relying upon the client’s movement. STPY isn’t offers, securities or their reciprocals and, along these lines, does not make the possession rights or requests of StreamPay or its benefit. Holders of STPY don’t have any effect on the basic leadership of the organization or its exercises.

StreamPaySolutions is a stage for observing and following store network hazard for organizations that utilization keen gets that are obstructed to oversee providers and completed items.

Points of interest of StreamPay:

Production network Improvement

Since the stage enables the client to follow the inventory network process from the time the crude material is obtained until it is handled into completed items, clients can distinguish segments in the store network that can be changed to enhance the production network process. Quicker procedures

Utilizing blockchain innovation, StreamPay can distinguish parties in the production network that moderate the procedure. In this manner, it enables ventures to dispose of such gatherings and include new gatherings that can quicken this procedure.

Decreased dangers

Through StreamPay exchange benefits, a client can exchange cash to different clients without the danger of being presented to the danger of instability and extortion, as the stage disperses hazard on the stage and actualizes measures to guarantee recognition of false clients.

ICO details

Token Token: STPY

Standard token: ERC 20

Initial sales period: 30 June – 31 August 2018. Bonus – 30%

1 stage ICO: September 1 – September 30, 2018. Bonus – 25%

2 stages of ICO: October 1st – October 31, 2018. Bonus – 20%

3 stages of ICO: November 1 – November 30, 2018. Bonus – 15%

4 ICO stages: 1 December – 31 January 2018. Bonus – 10%

Token fee:  1 STPY Token = $ 1.00 USD

Total number of tokens released: 50,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 100,000 USD

Hard Cap: $ 50.000.000 USD

Currency received: Ethereum ( ETC)


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