StreamSpace combines advanced technologies such as decentralized storage and locking systems, making it the most progressive streaming market in the world. Film directors set prices for their work and are paid by consumers, violating traditional industrial models.
StreamSpace is striving to implement a new distribution platform and ecosystem community that will give consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality content of the film, inaccessible from conventional distribution channels, with a reliable monetization mechanism that directs more than 90% of payments directly to the hands of filmmakers. In addition, StreamSpace intends to launch a new funding service that will help filmmakers raise the funds needed to create and produce film projects.
StreamSpace has developed a patented and proprietary method for analyzing large files, such as digital movies, and storing them in a high-split network of servers. It takes advantage of the key advantages offered by blockchain technologies: protection from piracy, which comes from the immutable asset transfer book, the speed inherent in combining small blocks from a huge array of storage points, and the integrity that comes with duplicating content elements across an array of servers.

The possibility of expanding the capacity of StreamSpace :

For filmmakers
An online form to help fill out and send IMDb metadata, so filmmakers can stay in the StreamSpace environment because they download and launch their projects on the global market.
Linked channels of social networks and advertising tools, this is to attract the audience and gain a reputation for both filmmakers and their popularity.
Networking opportunities throughout the community, including the ability of the film broker to share information about tools and techniques, learn about new technologies that can use and create an audience.
Support for additional video content such as animation / anime Live Streaming, music clips, trailers and other short-form content associated with the movie, deep content such as virtual reality or interactive content, etc.
For viewers (spectators)
Improved display options, including supported screen sizes or SVOD thin client settings, as well as the ability to view offline parameters.
The ability to interact directly with filmmakers through reviews / ratings, “behind the scenes” Additionally, or forums / chats. *
Improved algorithm for excellent recommendations and suggestions.
Extension of genres, including movies, shorts, anime, music video, video or other content from different countries, including China, India, Korea and Japan.
Potential new movie formats, including virtual reality / advanced or in-depth content and interactive film, as mentioned above.

StreamSpace Technology

Digital wallet and smart contracts
Digital purse Ethereum, i.e. Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM), which can execute an intellectual contract sent for work on the Ethereum network. Self-retaining contracts can not be manipulated or censored, which can cause the programmer to automate various processes that traditionally require supervision of the Council. This can provide benefits in terms of transaction security and transparency, as well as transaction history.
Binary chain
StreamSpace uses two separate systems with different coins. The production or rewards, one for each of the two main processes, are conducted along the entire chain. The most notable process is the processing of transactions associated with the acquisition or rental of content: downloading the video stream and transferring payments associated with the experience of viewing each.
The second, less visible process involves support for distributed video streams with streaming content streaming with reward depending on the volume of dedicated storage, the length of time supported and the popularity of content
Quality of streaming video content
StreamSpace uses dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH), which provides high quality streams over the Internet. The original video file is divided into several smaller segments of video files with a lot of bitrates and resolution.
Crowdfunding Service for new movies
The sale current, specifically designed to support financing for the production of new films or video projects; additional information on some of these projects is provided at the competition. StreamSpace will improve the experience of conducting its own plus contacts ICO, which are created throughout the film industry and block to identify a pool of potential StreamSpace investors with white paper.
Content Player and DRM
StreamSpace provides a downloadable application in a general Internet browser, but with the initial focus on the PC on which the main browsers work, it will also be able to download SVOD clients connected to HDTV to your smartphone. For the initial release, StreamSpace akanmenggunakan browser based browser, which is optimized for Microsoft Windows and the Apple OS. StreamSpace will develop and deploy mobile applications on Android and iOS, and StreamSpace will target some of the major Internet TV client systems, including SVOD Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV api, etc. So that users can add channels to your Home screen StreamSpace Viewer.
Details of the sale of the token
  • ICO Time: January 15, 2018 through February 27, 2018
  • Offers ICO Size: 250M StreamShares (SSH)
  • ICO Price: The price is increased by 0.01 USD per day
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