Kind time of the day for my readers. Today, for your attention, a review of a fairly promising project in my opinion, which is an example of its kind. First, this new platform will help producers, whose films do not attract the attention of large investors, because they fall into the category of “blockbusters.” The team’s plan has an excellent entry into the world market and competition with Hollywood.

StreamSpace offers young talents, beginners and unrecognized talents in the film industry to prove themselves, show the best quality and win their audience, and also get 90% of the income from the rights to video in your pocket. At least this is indicated in the white document of the project in the section
Now StreamSpace is at the ICO stage, continuing from January 15 to February 27, 2018. SSH Tokens are supported by etherium and are currently traded at $ 0.30 per unit. Buy dollars are available only for US residents on the site, and the prices for tokens grow by $ 0.01 USD per day. Pay attention to the planned 250 million SSH (this will be 30 million US dollars), and the minimum investment threshold is 3.75 million dollars.
The percentages mentioned above can increase depending on how many tokens people make video purchases. The final distribution of tokens must be confirmed at the end of the ICO, but today a token distributed from the sale of ICO funds is distributed:
20% will go to general and administrative expenses;
20% will get project marketers;
60% will be used for further development and management of the product.
Team StreamSpace plans to create client applications 2018-2019 for smartphones and tablets, launching the commercialization of these services, access to the largest market in the world and adding support for languages ​​other than English. In addition, they, according to the stream map in, plan to add support for music and other content:

There are two categories of advantages of this platform – for viewers and creators.
For the first:
The ability to watch movies offline, on mobile devices and on the road;
Availability of reviews from filmmakers, leaving feedback and feedback, as well as through chat rooms, forums or conferences;
Recommendations based on artificial neural networks and offering what is required for a particular viewer;
A large number of genres, including serials, anime, films, clips, etc., as well as countries producing content, including Asian countries such as China, Japan, India;
Potential transition to new types of content, such as virtual and augmented reality.
For the second:
The ability to link accounts with IMDb and, therefore, possible growth outside of StreamSpace;
Tie up social networks and use the tools available to promote homework from both the director and the film, and the acquisition of new audiences;
Cooperate with directors and other manufacturers and, therefore, the opportunity to share technology and equipment, as well as to find a new audience;
Support for new modern video content, whether virtual or augmented reality, interactive content, 3D content, etc.
Website | White Paper | ANN | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit
The goal of StreamSpace is to become the world’s leading place for film content, innovative, with a deep Catalog that can allow viewing personalized experience, and this will be useful for our two main customers, independent filmmakers and indie films.
Offers Blockchain Technology:
The best platform for transactions of peer-to-peer transactions
Lower cost of processing, documentation and greater flexibility (billing, sales, data management, security, communication)
Opportunities for Researchers
Can be used in asset management, assurance of origin / certificates, tracking of emissions / surcharges
STREAMSPACE is really in the golden age for movies. IMDb, Amazon, currently lists more than 373,000 feature films, 477,000 shorts and 167,000 documentaries in its database, returning to the dawn of the film in the late 1800s. The number of feature films released per year in IMDb has grown from 84 titles in 1910 to 2,530 films in 1921, and then abandoned the Great Depression and World War II to a minimum of 1,053 films submitted in 1945. Between 1945 and 2002, the number of films produced increased steadily to 4,032 films, but in the last 15 years it accelerated to a maximum of 12,871 films released in 2017 from the beginning of the year (the source was received on September 8, 2017).

StreamSpace platform:
A secure method for storing video content, based in part on the IPFS laboratory protocol. StreamSpace has a patent on the method of safe storage of a sanagata.
Transaction block for transparency and security.
External built-in decoder and HTML5 player optimized for streamingvideo, originally on a PC, followed by the most popular consumer consumer consumer applications: the Apple iPhone, the Android smartphone and the SVOD portal connected to the HDTV Chromecast (including Google, Microsoft Xbox, roku, Apple TV, Amazon api, etc.) ). The content of the engine recommendations, it helps consumers find new content easily to satisfy their tastes based on browsing habits and review or rating. A protected digital wallet so that consumers and filmmakers can manage their accounts and assets that are stored with assured security. The first digital wallet will broadcast the StreamShare (SSH) token and supports the transfer of fiat or other digital currencies. Secondly, a digital wallet is created to reward people who support the network by offering storage capacity for content. These two purses have a system token, which will be called the StreamSpace coin (SPC), which will be converted to SSH. Personal exchange tokens that control the market value of SPC and SSH make financial transactions between consumers and cinematographers and convert between currencies and StreamShares or between the coin and StreamSpace StreamShares, and then return to the value of the currency “money” community-based interface so that the directors can StreamSpace on Wednesday, set prices and analyze popularity statistics or view the content they create (movie). Social networking channels linking cinematography Rafists with each other and with the audience. StreamSpace’s strategy is to give filmmakers the opportunity to avoid the advertising studio system and control their own marketing. Social networking channels are extremely innovative and most economical for filmmakers to connect with the market potential of audiences around the world. StreamSpace technologyDigital purse and smart contracts The digital purse Ethereum, i.e. Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM), which can execute an intellectual contract sent for work on the Ethereum network. Self-retaining contracts can not be manipulated or censored, which can cause the programmer to automate various processes that traditionally require supervision of the Council. This can provide advantages in terms of transaction security and transparency, as well as transaction history. A binary StreamSpace chain uses two separate systems with different coins. The production or rewards, one for each of the two main processes, are conducted along the entire chain. The most noticeable process is the processing of transactions related to the acquisition or lease of content: uploading video streams and transferring payments related to the viewing experience of each. The second, less visible process involves supporting a distributed video stream with streaming content streaming with reward depending on the volume of the dedicated storage, duration of supported time and popularity of content. The quality of stream video content StreamSpace uses dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DA SH), which provides high quality streams over the Internet. The original video file is divided into several smaller segments of video files with a lot of bitrates and resolution. Crowdfunding Service for new movies A sales stream specifically designed to support funding for the production of new films or video projects; additional information on some of these projects is provided at the competition. StreamSpace will improve the experience of holding its own plus ICO contacts that are created throughout the film industry and block to identify a pool of potential StreamSpace investors with white paper. Content Player and DRMStreamSpace provides a downloadable application in a general Internet browser but with the initial focus on a PC on which work the basic browsers, it will also be able to download to your smartphone and SVOD clients connected to HDTV. For the initial release, StreamSpace akanmenggunakan browser based browser, which is optimized for Microsoft Windows and the Apple OS. StreamSpace will develop and deploy mobile applications on Android and iOS, and StreamSpace will target some of the major Internet TV client systems, including SVOD Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV api, etc. So that users can add Channels to your Home screen StreamSpace Viewer.

Website | White Paper | ANN | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit

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