Blockchain Powered Streaming Video on Demand

StreamSpace provides a new breakthrough in the world of streaming market.

StreamSpace innovates by combining cutting edge technology such as decentralized storage systems and blockchains, making it the most progressive streaming market and profitable in the world. Filmmakers can set the price for their work and will be paid by the consumer, without disrupting the traditional industrial model.

StreamSpace will introduce a novel distribution platform and ecosystem communitywhich will give consumers the opportunity to enjoy a quality film content not available from conventional distribution channels, with highly secure the monetization putting more than 90% of the pembayaranakan in pay directly into the hands of a filmmaker. StreamSpace also intends to launch a financing service that could help new filmmakers to raise the funds they need, to create and produce a film project that they want.

The goal of StreamSpace is to become the world’s leading destination for film content is innovative, with a deep Catalog that could allow viewing the personalized experience and that will be beneficial for our two core customers, independent filmmakers and indie film fans.

StreamSpace platform:

  • Safe storage method for video content, partially based on the Laboratory Protocol IPFS. StreamSpace holds a patent on a method for secure sanagat storage.
  • Blockchain transactions ledger for transparency and security.
  • Front-end embedded decoder and HTML5 player is optimized for video streaming, initially on the PC, then followed by the most popular consumer video consumption clients: Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, and SVOD Portal connected to a HDTV Chromecast (including Google, Microsoft Xbox, roku, Apple TV, Amazon api, etc.).
  • Content recommendation engine, it helps consumers find new content easily to suit their tastes, based on viewing habits and a review or the rankings.
  • Secure digital wallet, so that consumers and film makers can manage their accounts and assets that are stored with a sure and very safe. The first digital wallet will terbuhubung StreamShare token (SSH) and supports the transfer of fiat or other digital currencies. Second, the digital wallet is created to reward individuals who network support by offering the storage capacity for content. These two purses have a system token which will be called StreamSpace coin (SPC), which will be converted to SSH. Private exchange tokens, which monitors the market value of the SPC and SSH, it makes financial transactions between consumers and filmmakers, and convert between currencies and StreamShares or between the coin and the StreamSpace StreamShares, and then back to the value of the currency of “cash”
  • Community-based front end, for the filmmakers to upload their product (film) StreamSpace in environment, set prices, and analyze statistics of popularity or reviews the content they generate (film).
  • Social media channels, linking between filmmakers to each other and to the audience. The strategy of StreamSpace’s, is to give the filmmakers were able to avoid promotion studio-based system and control the marketing of their own. Social media channels is extremely innovative and most economical for filmmakers to connect with the market potential of audiences around the world.
  • Early coins offers/crowdfunding Token campaign, this is to raise funds to produce a new film project that is required for a small or medium of film budgets project.

StreamSpace potential enhanced features:

For filmmakers

  • Online form, it is to help complete and submit the IMDb metadata, so filmmakers can stay in the environment StreamSpace because they upload and the launch of their projects to the global market.
  • Related social media channels and promotional tools, it is to attract the audience and build a reputation both for filmmakers and their popularity.
  • Networking opportunities throughout the community, including film-makerthe opportunity to share about tools and techniques, learn about new technologies that can use and build the audience.
  • Support for additional video content, such as animation/anime Live Streaming content, music videos, trailer and other short form content associated with the film, deep content such as virtual reality or interactive the contents, etc.

For movie viewers (the audience)

  • Improve the display options including more screen sizes are supported or SVOD thin client options as well as potential for offline viewing options.
  • The opportunity to engage directly with filmmakers through reviews/ratings, “behind the scenes” Extras, or forums/chat.*
  • Improved algorithm for superior recommendations and suggestions.
  • Expansion options genres including movies, shorts, anime, music video, video or other content from a variety of countries, including China, India, Korea and Japan.
  • Potential new Film formats, including virtual reality/augmented or in-depth content and interactive movie experience as mentioned above.

StreamSpace Technology

Digital Wallet & Smart Contracts

Digital wallet Ethereum i.e. Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM) which can carry out intelligent contract sent to run on network Ethereum. Self-enforcing contracts and cannot be manipulated or censored, which can make the programmer to automate various processes that traditionally requires the supervision of the Board. This could generate advantages in terms of security and transparency of the transaction along with transaction history.

Binary-Chain Blockchain Protocol

StreamSpace uses two separate systems with different coins Staking of mining or rewards, one for each of the two main processes are conducted throughout the blockchain. The most visible process involves the processing of transactions related to purchase or rent content: download video stream processing and transfer payments related to the experience of watching each.

The second, less visible process, involves maintaining a distributed storage streaming video content, with rewards based on the amount of storage allocated, the length of time that are supported, and the popularity of the content

Quality of Streaming Video Content

StreamSpace uses Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH), which ensures high quality streams over the internet. The original video file is split up into many smaller video file segments of many bitrates and resolution.

Crowdfunding Service for New Films

Sale token expressly designed to support funding for production of the new film or video projects; more information about some of these projects are provided at the competition. StreamSpace will improve the experience in conducting its own plus the ICO contacts that are created in the entire film industry and blockchain to identify the pool of potential investors StreamSpace with white paper.

Content Player and DRM

StreamSpace provides a downloadable App in general internet browser, but with an initial focus on the PC running the major browsers, it also will be able to download on your smartphone and SVOD clients connected to the HDTV. For the initial release, StreamSpace akanmenggunakan browser based player that is optimized for Microsoft Windows and Apple’s OS. StreamSpace will develop and deploy mobile applications on Android and iOS, and StreamSpace will target some major Internet TV client systems, including Google’s SVOD Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV api, etc. to allow consumers to add channels to your home screen StreamSpace Viewer.

StreamSpace Recommendation Engine

StreamSpace recommendation engine based on the three core elements:

1. customer preference matrix. The consumer will group into the group based on their preferences for different types of film. The map of main drivers will cluster of machine recommendations, since people with similar tastes as possible to feel the same way about one particular set of movies.

2. customer preference of cluster-cluster attributes the film matrix. This matrix indicates the value assigned to the crossroads cluster preferences such as the user and Cluster attributes such as film.

3. attributes of the movie the matrix. The film will be rated based on the key attribute cluster, so that similar films will be recommended to people who assess one type of film is higher than in the other.


ICO PRESALE END : 15.01.2018

MAIN ICO SALE : 15.01.2018–27.002.2018




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