Streamspace provides the latest breakthrough in the streaming market.
Streamspace innovate merging sophisticated technology between decentralized storage systems and blockchains, so that it is able to benefit the streaming market. Filmmakers can set the price for their work and will be paid by the consumer, without interrupting the accounting industry model.

StreamSpace has developed a proprietary and patented method for parsing large files such as digital films and storing them in a highly distributed network of servers. This leverages the core advantages offered by blockchain technologies: the anti-piracy security that comes from an immutable ledger of asset transfers, the speed inherent in combining small blocks from a vast array of storage points, and the integrity that comes with duplication of content elements across the array of servers.

StreamSpace platform:

  • Safe storage method for video content, partially based on the Laboratory Protocol IPFS. StreamSpace holds a patent on a method for secure sanagat storage.
  • Blockchain transactions ledger for transparency and security.
  • Front-end embedded decoder and HTML5 player is optimized for video streaming, initially on the PC, then followed by the most popular consumer video consumption clients: Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, and SVOD Portal connected to a HDTV Chromecast (including Google, Microsoft Xbox, roku, Apple TV, Amazon api, etc.).
  • Content recommendation engine, it helps consumers find new content easily to suit their tastes, based on viewing habits and a review or the rankings.
  • Secure digital wallet, so that consumers and film makers can manage their accounts and assets that are stored with a sure and very safe. The first digital wallet will terbuhubung StreamShare token (SSH) and supports the transfer of fiat or other digital currencies. Second, the digital wallet is created to reward individuals who network support by offering the storage capacity for content. These two purses have a system token which will be called StreamSpace coin (SPC), which will be converted to SSH. Private exchange tokens, which monitors the market value of the SPC and SSH, it makes financial transactions between consumers and filmmakers, and convert between currencies and StreamShares or between the coin and the StreamSpace StreamShares, and then back to the value of the currency of “cash”
  • Community-based front end, for the filmmakers to upload their product (film) StreamSpace in environment, set prices, and analyze statistics of popularity or reviews the content they generate (film).
  • Social media channels, linking between filmmakers to each other and to the audience. The strategy of StreamSpace’s, is to give the filmmakers were able to avoid promotion studio-based system and control the marketing of their own. Social media channels is extremely innovative and most economical for filmmakers to connect with the market potential of audiences around the world.
  • Early coins offers/crowdfunding Token campaign, this is to raise funds to produce a new film project that is required for a small or medium of film budgets project.

STREAMSPACE are truly in a golden age for films. IMDb, an Amazon company, currently lists more than 373K feature films, 477K shorts, and 167K documentaries in its database, going back to the dawn of film in the late 1800s. The number of feature films released per year in the IMDb grew from 84 titles in 1910 to 2,530 films in 1921, then declined through the Great Depression and World War II to a low of 1,053 films introduced in 1945. From 1945 to 2002, the number of films produced climbed steadily to 4,032 films but accelerated in the past 15 years to a high of 12,871 films produced in 2017 YTD (source accessed September 8, 2017).

Furthermore, there is an even larger number of independent films that go unrecognized by IMDb or other film databases because of limited distribution / awareness or unwillingness to provide the meta-content that the database requires. Festival Genius, software for independent film festivals, has tracked over 6.4M people watching almost 70K films. The total number of films created each year could be as high as 50,000, according to Chris Hyams, founder of B-Side Entertainment and the creator of Festival Genius.

StreamSpace aims to introduce a novel distribution platform and an ecosystem community that will give consumers an opportunity to enjoy quality film content unavailable from conventional distribution channels, with a secure monetization engine that places more than 90% of payments directly into the hands of the filmmakers. Furthermore, StreamSpace intends to launch a novel financing service that will help filmmakers raise the funds they need to create and produce film projects.

Our goal is to become the world’s leading destination for innovative film content, with a deep catalog that will enable personalized viewing experiences and that will be rewarding for our two core customers, independent filmmakers and indie film aficionados


All of the performing arts industries — music, theater, and film- have undergone strong shifts over the past 100 years as recording / production technologies and distribution technologies have evolved. The internet has nearly destroyed the traditional recording music industry, with US sales of recorded music declining 80% as a share of national GDP compared to 1999. The film industry has not seen this dramatic erosion of value, but there have been three significant structural changes:

  1. As Paul DiMaggio noted in a 2014 article, “difficult conditions often root out more vulnerable mid-sized firms and lead the incumbent firms to concentrate on large projects and neglect niche markets.” The number of films available for view in the US actually increased by 50% over the first decade of the 21st century as the number of independent films in theaters doubled. However, the share of seats sold and total industry revenue outside the top 10 distributors has declined at the same time that most of the major studios have chosen to concentrate on a limited number of blockbuster films as compared to larger numbers of small projects (Lionsgate is the lone exception among top US film studios).

2. Digital recording and distribution have changed the economics of making and distributing films. The creative aspects of filmmaking remain a complex art form, but lower cost cameras and editing tools have enabled tens or hundreds of thousands of people to call themselves filmmakers, and the production values of amateur or independent films have increased dramatically in the past ten years. Digital distribution has made it possible to offer the same blockbuster movie in multiple formats to thousands of screens worldwide on an opening day. In 2016, US SVOD services (not including Amazon Prime) surpassed DVD sales, which peaked in 2004. While the DVD format is not likely to disappear soon (like music CDs, they represent high margin income for the major distributors), most independent films skip this phase and go directly from festival and art theater release to SVOD.

3. Netflix and Amazon have evolved from being content aggregators and digital distribution channels to becoming integrated content developers/owners in their own right. Netflix has a budget of up to $5 billion per year for new content, placing it easily in the top 10 studios in the US, , and the company raised its content budget forecast for 2018 to $8 billion, supporting 80 new films and 30 new anime series.

What this means is an erosion of choice for consumers as they mostly see the major blockbuster releases promoted heavily by the studios and an erosion of income for independent filmmakers who do not have access to “bankable” stars and multichannel distribution relationships.

Nine key components to the StreamSpace platform

StreamSpace intends to launch an innovative platform and community that will link creative, independent filmmakers with audiences that seek out quality, edgier film experiences. There are nine key components to the StreamSpace platform:

+ Secure storage method of the video content, based in part on Protocol Labs’ IPFS. StreamSpace holds a provisional patent on its method for secure storage.
+ Blockchain transaction ledger for enhanced transparency and security.
+ Front-end decoder and embedded HTML5 player optimized for video streaming, initially on PCs, followed by the most popular consumer video consumption clients: Apple iPhone, Android smartphones, and SVOD portals connected to HDTVs (including Google Chromecast, Roku, Microsoft Xbox, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.).
+ Content recommendation engine that helps consumers discover new content that fits their tastes, based on viewing habits and reviews /ratings. Our goal is to lift the restrictions which currently inhibit discoverability by consumers.
+ Secure digital wallet so consumers and filmmakers can manage their accounts and stored assets with confidence. A unique digital wallet format will allow the account value to be held in StreamShare tokens (SSH) and will support transferring to fiat or other digital currencies. A second digital wallet will be created to reward the individuals who support the network by offering storage capacity for content. This second token system will be called StreamSpace Coins (SPC), which will be convertible to SSH
+ Private token exchange that monitors the market value of SPC and SSH tokens, enables the financial transactions between consumers and filmmakers, and converts between fiat currency and StreamShares or between StreamSpace Coins and StreamShares, and then back to fiat currency whenever the filmmaker elects to “cash out” transactions.
+ Community-focused front end for filmmakers to upload their products to StreamSpace’s environment, set prices, and analyze statistics about the popularity or reviews of their content.
+ Social media channels that link filmmakers to each other and to their audiences. A key element of StreamSpace’s strategy is to give filmmakers the ability to circumvent the studio-driven promotion system and control their own marketing. Social media channels represent the most economical and innovative way for filmmakers to connect with their potential audiences around the world.
+ Initial Coin Offering / Token crowdfunding campaigns for new film projects on behalf of filmmakers that are interested in this uncommon technique for raising the funds necessary for a small or mid-budget film project. StreamSpace anticipates that many independent filmmakers will be interested in working with us to raise between $100,000 and $1 million to finance new projects.

For more information please check:

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