Student Coin

Student Coin

carrier change of students

WHAT IS A student’s coin

Student coins are book-based currencies, designed to empower students and give them voice. Student coins will be used for every purchase made by students and will allow students to take steps towards a better life during and after university. The heart of the student coin is “for students, students.”

The main ideas of student coins appear in seminars on social media at the university. Then we worked to improve the idea of ​​student coins and present them to our teachers. After the presentation, our teacher Professor Olinga Tade contacted me and demanded that I present the student coins at the blockade event. This allows me to continue to develop ideas and refine them to what I want to achieve.

The idea for student coins appeared at the end of my first year at university. During my second year, I participated in the placement of Initial Seratio® (ICO) coins; this allows me to gain knowledge in this business field.

Student Coins are companies that have been established to bring change to all students. As a company, the core of our values ​​is student demography. We believe that the time for change is NOW and that through the Student Coin application, all students can stand as one, create empowerment and share one voice.

Founded in 2016 as a result of university workshop sessions, Student Coin is a unique business created by students, for students. Therefore, the only intention for the company is to empower students both financially and non-financially. 


The Student Coin application will offer all students a platform where they can receive discounts, build their investment portfolio, prepare themselves to live after university and more. Student Coin is the first company of its kind that offers a very large level of support for every user and together, we develop as a team to ensure the best financial and non-financial lifestyles for every student involved with us.


Student Coins are a payment system, supported by Seratio, providing automatic discounts for students while applying non-financial values ​​to our daily transactions.

 We aim to have the application that you will use for your daily payments, starting from your weekly shop to split the bill on the night out. 

 To bring investment opportunities to students, is no longer an exclusive opportunity for a handful of people.


In the Student Coin we strive to make investment opportunities available to all students, making exclusive investments a part of the past.

 Imagine being able to pay off your student loans in three years, this is an exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

 This is a great opportunity to engage with a new cryptocurrency, whether you want to invest or just show your support, you don’t need to be a millionaire to invest.


Benjamin Stone
Founder and Director
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Drew Nagys
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Constance Howden
Brand manager
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Toby Baily
Social Media Manager
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Connor Plane
Produser Video
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Joanne Evans
Head of Project
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Sajin Abdu
That head
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Maryam Taghiyeva
Chief System Architect
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Dinh Ho
Kepala Provenance
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