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What can I do with it?

Last year in the UK there were over 2.28 million students studying in higher education, this is a market which could have significant impact over pricing, companies actions and how students are treated. Currently the student community is de-centralised, they do not have the influence to make major change. With high living costs and relatively small amounts of capital this limits the financial options to students.

But as a centralised group we can bring about real change, pushing for better prices, offers and financial opportunities which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Student Coin empowers individuals through both financial and non-financial values.

Using the Seratio Platform for our systems, we will offer discounts that apply automatically to everyday shopping and exclusive discounts. Every transaction you make, you will get a micro-share in the company, with every transaction being a vote.

In the future we want to offer financial services such as mini-loans, investments schemes and loans to start up your own company.

This will all be done via a mobile app which is easy to use and will continue to adapt, to meet the needs of the students, to stay relevant.

From the perspective of a parent Student Coin can be used to better allocate money, to make it go further compared to traditional methods and to create a better way of transacting money.


Personally, I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for over a year and I have been fascinated by what they can do both from a financial and social point of view. I have been following Bitcoin and Ethereum very closely over the past 6 months and have been amazed at the change in the price. Having the opportunity to work alongside Seratio is great, I have always wanted to invest in new technologies.

Cryptocurrencies have had a massive impact on the world, imagine what impact they will have in 5 years and if you could be a part of that now.

Investing now will impact the lives of students around the country, Student Coin will make their money go further with each transaction having more of a meaning to it rather than just a monetary transaction. Being able to offer students financial stability through education is the goal of the company and the more people we can get involved the quicker it will grow.
~Benjamin Stone~


What we want to offer – To build a platform powered by Seratio to offer-

  • Automatic discounts tailored for students
  • Each transaction is a vote for what you believe in
  • An easy to use app to manage all aspects of student finances
  • To support students on their academic journey
  • To give the power back to the students


Founded by Benjamin Stone in 2017, Student Coin was established to bring empowerment to students, to show that investment is accessible for all. To show that each monetary transaction has so much more power, each transaction can give both immediate and future benefits and to give that person a vote.

What started off as an idea in a workshop is now being built by a very committed team headed by students.


Going forward, the team and I are looking to develop Student Coin. To start on developing the system to allow for the discounts and rewards to be used in an app.

Student Coin is being designed with the sole intention of empowering students and giving them a voice.
~Drew Nagys, Director, Student Coin~

ICO Details

Student Coin Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom under number 11003810 and has its registered office at 41 Millbrook Road, Crowborough, United Kingdom, TN6 2SB. Student Coin has contracted Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) to manage their Initial Coin Offering including the Pre-ICO and this initial Private Placement Investment.

For the Private Placement in Student Coin for each GBP£1.00 invested – Investors will receive:
1 Student Coin – Seratio (SER) based token and 1 Student Coin Microshare.

The SER token is a tradeable Ethereum ERC20 standard digital currency – which has already beentaken through Initial Coin Offering which was 100% successful.

Pre ICO Start 15th-30th September 2018
ICO Start 1st October 2018
ICO End 31st October 2018
Accepting BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, [UK£, US$, EU€ (FIAT Money)]
The minimum contribution GBP £50

STUDENT COIN Micro-share

Total supply 40,000,000 (40 million)
Student Supply 20,000,000 to your Foundation (20 million)
Investors 10,000,000 (10 million) HARD CAP
Stakeholders 10,000,000 (10 million)
Private Placement UK£ 5 million soft cap target
Platform Ethereum ERC827


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