Greetings to you all readers, in this article i will be discussing what exactly this brand new and pathfinding innovation is all about Student Coin and i will appreciate your standing by till the end.

Thanks to the world of technology mixed with the innovation of this company Student Coin making it possible for the success of this platform and standing it out in the wild of Cryptocurrency with its exceptional cutting edge effort, as a corner stone and swift transformation to evolve

Of recent in the UK, there were over 2.28 million students studying in higher education, this is a market which could have significant impact over pricing, companies actions and how students are treated. Currently the student community is de-centralised, they do not have the influence to make major change. With high living costs and relatively small amounts of capital this limits the financial options to students.

Student Coins are companies that have been established to bring change to all students. As a company, the core of our values ​​is student demography. We believe that the time for change is NOW and that through the Student Coin application, all students can stand as one, create empowerment and share one voice.

Founded in 2016 as a result of university workshop sessions, Student Coin is a unique business created by students, for students. Therefore, the only intention for the company is to empower students both financially and non-financially.

The Student Coin application will offer all students a platform where they can receive discounts, build their investment portfolio, prepare themselves to live after university and more. Student Coin is the first company of its kind that offers a very large level of support for every user and together, we develop as a team to ensure the best financial and non-financial lifestyles for every student involved with us.

The idea for Student Coins appeared at the end of my first year at university. In the second year, I participated in the Seratio® Initial Coin Offering (ICO); this allows me to gain knowledge in this business field.

For many students, this is the first time when they have to manage their money and live independently. This can be frightening for many people. Today, companies use a similar approach to helping students, when in fact the result is that they force students to spend more money on things they don’t need.

Student Coins bring many benefits to students; this platform is very flexible for what can be applied. Its main benefits are empowerment, financial stability and growth, as well as expanding the reach and impact of student activities. Student Coins will be there to vote for students by bringing together groups of students across the country. As a group and voice unity, we can be a strong force to be reckoned with.

Student Coin features will continue to grow. We are working on developing our mobile application that will allow students to use this on the go, without the need to constantly check the latest offers. There will be the ability to network with other students, build smart investment portfolios, build financial profiles, take micro loans, and utilize discount centers.

The Student Coin Platform is the link between the world of students, the business world and the world of possibilities. Student Coins are a catalyst for change.

As a scattered group, students do not have the power to influence the government. As a group that is put together, students can create extraordinary changes. Student Coins will be a platform that allows students to unite as a group and make the whole world listen. While we do this, we also ensure that student time at the university is not consumed by financial concerns and concerns about how to pay the next bill.

The problem that the coin wants to look for

STU economics and the bitJob platform try to solve ancient problems: profitable student work. Most of us have faced the “experience vs. education” dilemma; one must have education and experience to compete in meaningful work. However, it is difficult to get relevant paid work experience without completing the education. This is where bitJob enters. The team intends to provide students with significant and relevant work experience through our revolutionary platform, helping students gain valuable work experience and build their resumes.

ICO Student Coin Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom under 11003810 and has a registered office at 41 Millbrook Road, Crowborough, United Kingdom, TN6 2SB. Student coins sign a contract with the Citizenship and Governance Center (CCEG) to manage initial coin offers, including Pre-ICO.
For personal placement in student coins for every GBP GBP 1.00 embedded — investors will receive:
1 Student Coin Seratio (SER)
1 Microshare Student Coin.

SER tokens are traded in the standard Ethereum ERC20 digital currency, which has been received through genuine coin offers, which is 100% successful.
Student coins will be deposited to the newly created Personal Digital SER bags for investors within a certain time after receipt of funds. Then, the token will be sold or exchanged entirely by investors.
Microshare Student Coins Non-financial tokens with Student Coin attributes. Student Coin Micro shares (SMCR) crypto currency, is placed in the Ethereum Classic block. Coin Micro Student Shares can be traded and will be deposited on the SER-Wallet investor.
The minimum investment is GBP £ 50.
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