new generation blockchain loyalty program.

 use Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards. Suite is a platform where users can collect loyalty points in one account, simplify the process and make countless obsolescence of Loyalty Cards on the market. OPPORTUNITIES Our strengths Stability allows every user who has loyalty cards and commercial activities to continue to make a collection in a transparent and simple manner, thanks to the stability of the SCT tokens. Reliable systems accompanied by the spread of the cryptocurrency market worldwide. Airdrop Monthly To appreciate the loyalty of investors, STK holders and for the continued strengthening of The Suite in the global market, starting from the first company statement and with monthly frequency, SCT tokens will be distributed free of charge to stores and platforms. More services Various services, goods, affiliated stores. The suite will revolutionize the concept of “loyalty rewards” in the loyalty card market, making it possible to request, by changing SCT, very useful services (such as insurance, medical care, gift cards, parking lots and many services for daily use). THE SUITS feature the HYBRID SYSTEM The combination of the STK and SCT tokens will enable hybrid blockchain-based application systems in the real market: SCT stability for “loyalty points” and STK integrated into the system with special services and events dedicated to crypto investors and users.

About the project

The project that caught my attention was called The Suite  . The main objective  of  this project is to use all existing loyalty programs for customers in one  place  , that is, in a decentralized network   . Where each  user  can not only accumulate points, but also spend it for all directions he likes. Everything functions enough to understand the process,

The suite  uses blockchain technology to decentralize the Bonus card structure and is a new generation of blockchain-based loyalty programs. Suite   is a platform where users can accumulate bonus points on one account, thus simplifying the process of accumulating these points and not need to use a large number of Bonus cards.
On the platform, you can receive goods, request
gift cards from these basic online services (Amazon, Playstation, etc.), Pay medical bills (national dentists). You can even make requests to exchange points with fiat money and transfer them to your bank account using bank transfers.


This is certainly good  , because each loyalty system is intended for additional benefits for certain clients. However, for the sake of quantity, they often began to lose quality,  not to mention the swift cards  and the like towards the store. The only thing that the user is facing now is  a large number of cards  , which instead have their advantages and advantages, creating more problems and inconveniences for users.

This platform has developed its own Alpha application which is released scheduled for Q1 2019. This software will allow users and investors to use
the following functions:

  1. Track integrated business and
    promotional offers.
  2. Monitor the STK  /  SCT balance   and as a payment instrument.
  3. Separate the purchase of  SuiteCredit  .
  4. As for partners, it is possible to
    settle with clients in the  SCT  .
  5. Use of QR codes.
  6. SCT distribution   between profile audiences. Create directories to generate demand and maximize customer satisfaction.
Main feature
The combination of STK tokens and SCT tokens will enable hybrid blockchain-based application systems in the real market: SCT stability for “loyalty points” and STK integrated into the system with special services and events dedicated to crypto investors and users.
The acquisition of infrastructure owned by The Suite, the project will ensure solid economic and business security and will soon enable the use and distribution of SCT in the real-life market.
It is possible for anyone with a crypto-based project to integrate their services in the Suite platform. Crypto spread will increase in daily use.
The Platform Suite will be full of innovative services and never offered on the fidelity card market. The simplicity of the design will support crypto discovery for new users and special service options for experienced users.
This will work for:
  • Monthly distribution of a number of loans to the owner in proportion to the number of STKs that are owned and blocked on the platform.
  • Get VIP status to have access to exclusive discounts (up to 50%) in commercial businesses purchased from the Suite.
  • Discount for purchasing products / services on the platform.
  • Discounts for vacation home use offered by the Suite.
  • Free tickets for periodic extractions and also the opportunity to participate in VIP extraction.
In addition, users will be able to buy products / services even with other cryptocurrency, some of which will be automatically converted in STK via the API, increasing the way to use STK in this way. The percentage of STK will be burned with every purchase and extraction on the platform that makes ownership of tokens more exclusive and reduces supply.
Development team:
Francesco Napoletano
 (CEO (co-founder) and developer)
Patrizia Amoruso
(CFO & one of the founders)
Simone Di Francia
(CIO – Joint Founding Community Manager)
Carlo Denaro
 (Developer & security expert)
Cinzia Ronco 
Maria Sole Ferrero 
(Creative Director & web designer)
Roberto Bersezio 
Stefania De Lucia 
(Web designer)
Jan Emil Christiansen 
(Community manager)
Elia Esposito 
(Crypto360 CEO – Escrow)
Dario Moceri
 (Developer – CEO
How to get free form tokens with Bountys:
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