Suites use Blockchain Technology to decentralize the economy of Loyalty Cards.

FidelitySuite is a platform where you can accumulate loyalty points from affiliated stores and hypermarkets (without having to have many cards) and turn them into services or money through SuiteCredits (STC) and tokens (STK). STK: is the crypto suite’s official currency. It is possible to trade on the stock exchange, record keeping agreements are underway and, in any case, it is possible to negotiate on a decentralized exchange. STK has the right to broadcast SCT regularly. SCT: these are points collected and exchanged between various users of the FidelitySuite platform. They will not be listed as rewards and will have a predetermined unit value. They will allow access to services offered by the FidelitySuite platform.
The suite uses blockchain technology to decentralize the Bonus card structure and is a new generation of blockchain-based loyalty programs. Suite is a platform where users can accumulate bonus points on one account, thus simplifying the process of accumulating these points and not need to use a large number of Bonus cards.
On the platform, you can receive goods, request gifts
cards from basic online services such as (Amazon, Playstation, etc.), pay medical bills (national dentists). You can even make requests to exchange points with fiat money and transfer them to your bank account using bank transfers.
All projects are based on the platform. FidelitySuite. FidelitySuite is a loyalty management platform that allows customers to collect and convert bonus company partners registered on the platform into various services and money using only SuiteCredit (SCT) and STKtoken.
STK is a platform token that allows centralized and decentralized exchange trading.
SCT or SuiteCredits are platform internal currencies with fixed values. Its functionality includes exchanging, storing, and using points. It is not intended to trade on the exchange. STK
Tokens can be used in conjunction with SuiteCredits if the volume is not enough to cover service costs. For example, if the user’s SCT balance is less than the required value, the service he wants to receive, then you can spend part of the STK to cover the amount needed.

THE SUITE Main features

combination of STK and SCT tokens will enable hybrid chain-based block application systems in the real market: SCT stability for “loyalty points” and STK integrated into the system with special services and events dedicated to investors and user crypto.


The acquisition of infrastructure owned by The Suite, the project will ensure solid economic and business security and will soon enable the use and distribution of SCT in the real-life market.

For anyone who has a crypto based project, they can integrate their services in the Suite platform.

Crypto spread will increase in daily use.

Platform Suite will be full of innovative services and has never been offered in the loyalty card market. The simplicity of the design will support crypto discovery for new users and special service options for experienced users.

The loyalty market currently consists of $ 2.16 billion untapped and is expected to grow to $ 6.9 billion by 2023.

STK Token: This
will be the main token used in the FidelitySuite platform.

SCT Tokens:
Fixed value tokens, such as FIAT coins, will allow traders to use the FidelitySuite platform safely without analyzing possible price changes for crypto coins!

combination of the STK and SCT tokens will allow the hybrid blockchain system to be fully integrated in the market, SCT stability for “loyalty points” and STK integrated with systems with special services and events dedicated to investors and encryption.

STK token information:

Ticker: STK
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: SecuritySTO
Available for sale: 60,000,000 STK (60%)
Country: Italy
ICO time: June 30, 2019 to October 31, 2019
Official website:  https: // www.
The page   in BitcoinTalk:

Airdrop Monthly
To appreciate the loyalty of STK investors and from the company’s first statement and with monthly order, SCT tokens will be distributed free to stores and partner holders on the platform.

This will work for:
  • Monthly distribution of a number of loans to the owner in proportion to the number of STKs that are owned and blocked on the platform.
  • Get VIP status to have access to exclusive discounts (up to 50%) in commercial businesses purchased from the Suite.
  • Discount for purchasing products / services on the platform.
  • Discounts for vacation home use offered by the Suite.
  • Free tickets for periodic extractions and also the opportunity to participate in VIP extraction.
In addition, users will be able to buy products / services even with other cryptocurrency, some of which will be automatically converted in STK via the API, increasing the way to use STK in this way. The percentage of STK will be burned with every purchase and extraction on the platform that makes ownership of tokens more exclusive and reduces supply.
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